JBL L100s - Power?

What do you recommend as a good - and reasonably priced - amp or integrated amp option for my JBL L100s?

Two channel yamahas sound nice with the l100s. I would recommend something with power. Perhaps check out emotiva which sells quality and fair priced amps.
The L100s are fairly sensitive. A lot of people rocked their dorm rooms and living rooms on around 50 wpc back in the '70s.

It sort of depends on your room size. Today I'd go for an NAD integrated (e.g., 356BEE (80 wpc) or 375BEE (150 wpc)) and it'll be way better ampification than most L100s ever saw, which was usually a mid-'70s Pioneer or Marantz 40 wpc receiver.
i have a nad355bee integrated driving a pair of jbl 4311 control monitors in my second system used outdoors in the summer the combo sounds great the amp also drives magnepan 1.6qr's it sounds beautiful also good luck
No way, not NAD. The stuff's unreliable. Try Harman/Kardon, Yamaha, Pioneer, or Onkyo.
True...NAD had some quality control issues back in the day...but so did Rotel...never had much luck with Yamaha myself...I would opt for older B&K amp/ preamp if it were me...a friend has a hi end Denon avr with his modded 100s...fun listen for rock
The NAD is unreliable? Why? Answer: Because the most of the people are buying from the unauthorized dealers who purchased
refurbished Amplifiers refurbished by the unauthorized Service
For a long time I couldn't cozy up to NAD for one reason or another, mostly
being underwhelmed. But now … I seriously doubt NAD is currently having QA
problems. For one, Audio Advisor is a dealer of a lot of NAD products, and if they
were unreliable, their business model would be eaten up by return shipping
costs, replacement costs, and sales reversed to no-sales. Unreliable products are
anathema to mail order business models. Second, my local high end dealer,
which relies heavily on customer confidence, is an enthusiastic NAD dealer. The
C356BEE did a great job powering the Magneplanar 1.7s I bought to the point
that I had a hard time equaling the sound quality the the various separates I had
on hand when I got my pair of speaker home. The NAD BEE series made the
Maggies sing and particularly distinguished themselves with low noise floor,
inner detail, imaging, musicality and smoothness, and yet dynamic contrasts as
well. Give the C375BEE a try.
Get a used krell Kav 300I intergrated amp, can be had for $900.00 to $1,500.00 on the used market, 150 watts per channel, great sounding unit, Best bang for the buck on market for sound quality, I had one, I used it on JBL speakers, great sound!
02-25-14: Boody
i have a nad355bee integrated driving a pair of jbl 4311 control monitors in my second system used outdoors in the summer the combo sounds great the amp also drives magnepan 1.6qr's it sounds beautiful also good luck
The JBL 4311 pro monitor is pretty much the same speaker as the L100--same drivers, same-sized box--but with the midrange and tweeter arranged for vertical orientation, whereas the L100s were arranged for horizaontal--or bookshelf--orientation.

That these low-to-mid-priced NAD amps work so well with Magnepans indicates that they have very low noise floors, reasonably fast risetimes, lots of current on tap, an even and musical tonal balance, and rock-solid stability into a 4-ohm load.
I always have used tubes with the L-100. Played them fine, 60 watts is plenty of power.
To all the NAD supporters: With all due respect, all of that is bs. The stuff is unreliable. Not all of it, mind you, but there's a significant number pf units that are. Look it up in google. Type in "NAD Reliability problems"

Audiolabryinth: Sounds like a good choice.
Thankyou Dave_72, were not talking about some esoteric JBl speakers here, The krell Kav 300I would be awsome, and as far as power, Ralph said 60 watts per channel is fine, maybe, nothing wrong with head-room in the power, turn your knob up to where you are comfortable with, at lower volumes, the speakers love the power head-room, sounds full at lowest listening levels, and if you mate this intergrated to some 10 gauge speaker cables, well then, you are in for a treat!
After 5 NAD units ,all of which were unreliable, I gave up on them.
I'm a slow learner.
You're welcome Audiolabryinth. I take it that's an older Krell unit. I like the old Krell better than the new, and I believe many audiophiles do as well.
this is the second thread I have seen this happen today!, funny, very funny!, where is the op?, all of you here gave your opinions like me for nothing!
haha, maybe he's confused. all of these varied recommendations can have that effect.
Good explanation Dave_72, good to see you my friend.