JBL L100 Classic 75's - Thoughts, Impressions, Serial Numbers

Hey everyone,

I recently took delivery on a pair of JBL L100 Classic 75’s. I love the look of these and what I’ve been able to experience so far. This is the first pair of JBL’s I’ve owned in my audio journey. Most of my time in the hobby has been with smaller bookshelves plus a sub (2.1). I was curious who on the board has a pair of these and what your thoughts were? How do they compare to other speakers you’ve had? Also curious what serial numbers are out there.I’m in the US and my pair is pair #264.



That's awesome @nonoise! I may try that down the road. I still feel like I haven't gotten to hear mine yet. I took delivery on them and didn't worry too much with placement etc because we were moving, we moved, took me a while to get everything situated and now, I have a ear infection haha. Really looking forward to getting in to these soon though. 



@willg1985 , If it's not one thing, it's another. Soon you'll be enjoying your speakers and experimenting with placement and then all will be well with the world. 

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Are you all still enjoying your l100?

I am thinking about pulling the trigger on these at some point. I currently listen to Stirling BBC LS3/6, which are wonderful, but for a change, I am tempted to have the JBLs.

I absolutely love mine. They really shine with quality gear behind it and at medium listening levels IMHO. Best speaker that I've ever owned.

Very happy with my pair... they were the first piece of gear I upgraded on my old system... then as it happens with more research and going down the rabbit hole, I went quite a bit further than I expected up the chain with my other gear to pair it with... and fortunately, no regrets at all!

They are performing better than I even expected. Definitely not lacking in the Bass department and it is very responsive to movement and set-up. Here is an early reviewer of the JBL L100 75s where he shares his glowing experience with it: