JBL L series....early 90s...L-3,5,7

anybody familiar with these? thinking of picking up L-5s
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I owned L-55's. 14 inch woofer, two way ported system that was very efficient and produced great bass. Shudda kept them.
very nice series...how much if you dont mind my asking?
I still have a pair of L-60 Jubals in very good condition. They are not in my main system. For me they've always sounded best when playing back quality rock or more "hefty" jazz vs. handling the wider range of music possibilities. I blew one of the 15" woofers when I pushed it too hard at 450 watts / 8 ohms. Got it repaired. I'm holding onto mine for now. Still like them. Nice quality.
Correction for what it's worth.I own L65 Jubals (not L60s).
If I'm thinking of the correct ones I may not have payed that much attention to the L5's.The L3 was a bookshelf 2 way with JBL's titanium tweeter. The L7 was like the L5 with a extra woofer somewhere,side maybe.Those both sounded pretty decent back then.I heard them in a chain store called Silo or something like that.They're one of the few metal tweeters that I could get along with.The 3&5 both sounded ok from what I remember.3 was small,7 was about 4' tall? the L5 was a little smaller than the L7.The L5 might have had all the drivers top of front angled a little too.The were transparent and fairly neutral.Nice and open from what I could remember.I would like to hear them again,and would probably still say not bad.I'm guessing the L5 was similar minus the one extra side woofer?I hope you get to hear them first.I imagine they have some weight because they are sort of towers.All black series too. They may have drivers similar to their monitors except for the woofer/woofers.
Also,check the foam surrounds.I think JBL uses foam if I remember right.