JBL L 100 Mystery cabinets

Browsing the Troels Gravesen diy upgrade page I noticed a pretty stunning pair of custom cabs for the JBL L 100 drivers. The drivers are aligned and the cabinet design appears to increase the volume. 


The only contact info Troels has is "Brandon US" and I'm wondering if the builder hangs out on this forum or if someone here recognizes this person's work. Wish I could get more info about them!

Not sure, but you may want to start at the project page here:


You can also ask in the DIYAudio multi-way forum, here:


My go-to guy for speaker cabinet manufacturing is Lee Taylor of Taylor Speakers.


Lee will pretty much make anything you want.


Thanks for the info! I'd really like to know the designer's reasoning for the shape and what appears to be a modular bottom with inductors showing through a "window". I'd also like to know if it's ported or sealed. If I was going to build my own pair that's pretty much what I'd want them to look like. 
The curved sides and lack of a flat rear wall minimize front to back standing waves. So long as you keep the overall volume, and front baffle dimensions,this should be fine.

Per Troel’s discussion page it seems like the driver doesn’t like sealed.

The crossover is mounted external to the speaker cabinet to minimize the possibility of microphonics in the crossover components. I like the idea of an external crossover as a stand, but A) I don’t know if it really helps anything at all to use an external crossover and B) I prefer high tech footers like IsoAcoustics has.

As Troels notes however, these are not floor speakers, even with the crossover case. They need elevation and space to the sides to sound their best.

Strongly encourage you to continue this discussion at DIY where you’ll find lots of dedicated speaker builders. :)

Just posted there too! I think Troels recommends a larger cabinet volume to work with his crossover upgrade and maximize the bass extension. I'm really excited to see one that goes beyond functionality and looks like it was meant to be that way. I too agree with the benefit from non-parallel surfaces. Hopefully this guy notices me talking his stuff up sooner than later.