JBL G300 vs The Competition

Using the A & B speaker modes on my Denon DRA 395( w/ SLDC) & the generous 30 or even 60 day MBG offered by some sellers, I have decided to put my JBL G300's( $240) to the test. Tonight I will begin a comparison with my new Def Tech SM 65's($670). The speakers are set at about a 150 degree separation to provide full stereo dynamics.

The G300's produce a bass freq response of about what I consider 40 hz(JBL claims a conservative 50) while the DF's claim 30.

The music for the test is based on my desire for more bass response than the G300's on some tracks w/o being forced to resort to my Ultrasone HFI 680 Hphones.

The fact that a marked improvement in bass is indeed present through the Hphones is evidence that it is there.

The tracks tested will be:

I Feel Fine
Babys In Black-- live
Day Tripper
Tell Me Why
Twist & Shout
U Cant Do That
Old Brown Shoe-- alt version
It Wont Be Long
All My Loving
Fun Fun Fun
R & R Music
U really Go t A Hold On Me
Walk Dont Run
How Can I Be Sure
A Girl Like U
I Gonna Be All Right
Hold Me Tight
A Hard Days Night

More as the test progresses.
I thought there was an edit function. At any rate, 3rd from last should read Its
After a couple of weeks the results are as follows.

I didn't get to the first 5 or Money but there were also some editions--

Please Please Me
World W/O Love
Memphis-- Lonnie Mack
Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Youre Going To Lose That Girl
Dead Mans Curve
Cant Buy Me Love

The results are:

G300-- 17
DT---- 5

The bass response in the G300 was almost always clearly better than the DT's-- despite the 30 claim.

The 5 DT votes were for Fun Fun Fun-- not necessarily better bass in this one but incredible guitars especially in the beginning. I think I know now what is meant by sound stage.

Rock & Roll Music-- better bass with the DT's here. Enough where I can dispense with the Hphones

Its Gonna Be All Right

Cant Buy Me Love

Dizzy Miss Lizzy

On 2 they both sounded good--- Roll Over Beethoven & World W/O Love

I have never heard a bass recording more awesome than the latter.

The verdict then is clearly for the JBL's and the 65's are going back. It should be noted that I had a pair of SM45's but didn't test them fully-- presuming the 65's would be better. I intend on testing the 45 again because the bass seemed better on them.

But first will be the Monitor Audio Bronze BX-2
One correction as Its Gonna Be All Right can be tweaked so it sounds as good on both speakers. This leaves the SM65 as a clear winner on only 4 tracks
I also tested Stoney End & the G300 came out on top there as well.
The results of the comparison with the DT SM 45 are in. BTW-- MO is that the 45 is a better spkr than the 65.

Bass expression did improve withe the 45's( enabling me to dispense with the hphones) on the following:

Dizzy Miss Lizzy
How Can I Be Sure
A Girl Like U
I Feel Fine
Day Tripper
Babys In Black(L)
R & R Music.

The 45's are quite impressive and I may end up with them but for now a test of the Canton 502.2 will follow.