JBL G300

I upgraded to G300's from L19's and am very happy( and embarrassed that I listened to the latter with a Sony receiver in the past). For $240 delivered they were a steal. Right now there are 2 pairs on Ebay-- the bidding has started at $50 on one pair that appears to be in excellent condition.

As the price is so cheap, they could be passed around among the vets of this site for shipping charges( they weigh 20lb each). It would be interesting for someone with a 2-way like the Epos M12i, Totem Rainmaker, Paradigm Studio, PSB etc to pick up a pair for a test. One advantage to used speakers is that they are broken in. They are also very handsome in black ash.

Acc to Sam at Precision Sound in Santa Monica, the speaker uses the Audax(sp?)German Tweeter-- although the manual doesn't use the term.

I do not feel there is anything missing when I listen to the G300 with my Denon DRA-395. The last few notes of Keep The Customer Satisfied and the bass on World W/O Love are incredible. Specs only list Bass response at 50 but it sounds much closer to 40 to moi. The Mids are all there as well.