JBL Everest DD67000 vs. Avantgarde Duo Mezzo


I'd like opinions of members who have compared or listened to JBL Everest DD67000 and Avantgarde Duo Mezzo (not the new XD version).

I auditioned Avantgarde Uno Nano in 2011 and really liked it. I don't have any exposure to Avantgarde Duo Mezzo yet. Last week I compared JBL Everest DD67000 against Revel Salon 2 and I liked JBLs much more.

Thus, I am going to choose between JBL Everest DD67000 and Avantgarde Duo Mezzo. 

Please help me by expressing frankly!
VPI uses JBL (not sure if this Everest is the one) as the evaluation standard for their products
stringreen I think you must have read the following

It seems that  Avantgarde Duo Mezzo will finally put me on SET amplifiers train while DD67000 is best served with power!
Hi haroon,

whart is correct you can't drive the Everest with a SET the woofers need current and some power to come alive, otherwise its a fantastic speaker, one go the best out there. The Duos are semi active, for me that's a problem, the woofer crossover point is too high for it blend successfully with any kind of tube electronics the least of which are SETs.

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I think anyone who likes rock and roll is making a serious mistake by not considering JBL's, particularly anything from the upper end models (Synthesis and the Studio Monitors).

I have the S3900's after several other speakers in the past 5 years and I'm really happy with them.  I've considered selling them though... so I can move up the chain.  I would really like to try the S9900's.  I'm kicking around the 4365's on Audiogon right now, though they might be a bit big in my room and the S9990's would fit a bit better.

Dynamic, detailed, image like crazy and yet not bright or fatiguing are all great aspects of the S3900's though. I do wish JBL had more dedicated center channels though.  

My big concern though is hearing that Greg Timbers is no longer with JBL and that what is out there now (3900, 4700, S9900, 65000/67000) are the last of a fantastic breed that I discovered too late.

I do find that using a sub X'd over at 40 to 60 hz works out great.