JBL D130F power handling

Does anyone know what the D130F speaker's power handling was? If you do, I would appreciate a response! Thanks in Advanced! Sam
As I recall the original specification was 25 watts continuous. I'm talking mid to late 1960's. That was a very conservative spec. compared to what other manufactures claimed their speakers would handle. I used D130F's and D140F's for years playing Bass and found them to withstand a McIntosh 75 (watts rms) driven into clipping, for hours, without a problem.
You might want to call Jim Robertson at the Infinity/JBL factory: (818) 893-8411. If he doesn't know, he will know someone that does. thanks, Brian@HelloHiFi.com ph805.527.9739 fax805.527.9808 www.hellohifi.com eCatalog available. New equipment demo’s by appointment. All quotes are good for 30 days. Customers in every state, & 26 countries (angol/ingles/englisch/beszelunk magyarul!/ hablamos en espanol/wir sprechen deutsch).
35 watts rms continuous sine wave .