JBL Charge

I just ordered a JBL Charge from the JBL website. We're going camping in two weeks and its the first time our boys aren't coming with us. Although I'll miss the days that they were at an age when we camped together, I'm looking forward to more reading and time spent with my wife and our superior dog (my dog is better than yours). The JBL Charge has a lithium ion battery that holds a 12 hour charge. I will stream my Amazon Prime account with my iPhone 5. It will be used for happy hour each day after a nice hike in the woods. I was wondering if anyone has one of these portable blue tooth speakers and their thoughts about them.

Yes, it's not good audio but this is 9 days in the woods with no power and lots of ice.
wireless blu-tooth headphones have better audio and protect your ears from the bug bites :-)
Nice call. Headphones didn't cross my mind. We never have bug problems where we go. Just enough wind rolling I across the pond to keep them farther back in the woods.

Based on the reviews of the JBL Charge, I'm going to assume I'll like it enough to use it. I can go weeks without the Internet but music is a different story.