JBL B460 passive sub w/o external crossover unit

So I just inherited some old audiophile equipment, dads been dead a few years and we just moved his widow into a senior community. Among some of my dads stuff I took home was a massive JBL passive sub a B460 and a Bryston 4B-ST amp, but I cant find the JBL BX63A (a external dividing network, crossover) and I there isnt one to be had on ebay or elsewhere. Heres the question: can I hook the amp up to the sub out on my onkyo sc886p pre/pro and set the sub crossover at 60hz? And will it sound right?
Nope. The passive sub requires an amp to drive it and your pre-pro provides only line-level outputs. You will need to add a power amp to run that sub.

i guess i was unclear...
can i connect the onkyo 886 (pre/pro) subwoofer out (XLR) to the bridged input (XLR) of the bryston (amp)and just use the pre/pro's crossover set at 60hz? and will it sound right without using the JBL dividing network BX63A (active crossover I dont have)?
So I hooked everything up and used audyssey to set up the sub. It sounds decent, powerful deep bass with no boominess but not how i remember it as a kid. Either my vandersteens have desensitized me or the lack of a active dividing network might be holding the b460 back

The bryston had a blown fuse and keeps blowing it just by being on w/o anything connected, (its being sent back to bryston 20 year warranty, wow way to stand behind your product), so im pushing it with a crown xls-402 thats 900w when bridged. I dont want to turn the crown all the way up so im waiting to see what the bryston is like when I get it back.

In the meantime I might try an active crossover out theres a few to choose from pyle or behringer around $200-300
You did make yourself clear in your question.....the answer was yes......
The BX63A puts in several dB of EQ boost at about a 26Hz center IIRC. So to make the sub sound as it did with the BX63A, you'll need to re-create this EQ curve.
Jr_w : do you think I can recreate that curve with my pre/pro eq or I need an active crossover?
Take a look here:


The last paragraph of text describes the operation, the last page is a graph of the drive.

I'm not familiar with your pre/pro, but that's a description of what the BX63A does. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to slap some serious + EQ in at 26Hz and give it a listen. It mentions that the EQ is centered on the vent tuning freqency, so I think that's the main clue as to what to look for.
Be patient...behringer & pyle are not worthy of a B460. Another one to keep an eye out for is the Sumo Delilah crossover which went with the Samson subwoofer (basically a B380 clone with a 2235H JBL driver). I currently own both BX63A & Delilah crossovers patiently waiting for a sub cab to be built!! I was lucky enough to come across a 2245H driver, NEVER used, still in factory box, just rotted foam. The Delilah has a little more flexibility than the JBL. Both units eventually surface here or on e-bay from time to time. If I run across either, I'll let you know. P.S. when your 2245H driver needs foam repair... Bill Legall @ MILLERSOUND (215-412-7700) millerspkr@aol.com is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!
Just acquired a JBL BX63A via the wanted ads here on audiogon. No power supply, manual (I've downloaded a PDF version), or box. $412 shipped. I purchased the odd AC step-down (120vac to 12vac) transformer (power supply)on the web for $10 and it should be here by Friday.

Just after I payed for the one I got from a Canadian audiogonner, a second gentleman offered me another BX63A for $450. So if anyone else is looking for one PM me and I'll give you his email.

I will post again after I have the B460 hooked up to the BX63A to report on sound quality.
So my 15vac power supply arrived today and I hooked up the JBL BX63A active crossover to the JBL B460 Subwoofer. The Bryston 4B I inherited with the sub is on its way back to Bryston for warranty repair. So I'm using a Crown XLS-402d (bridged to 900w mono into 8 ohms) to push the B460 until the Bryston comes home.

WOW! definitely a huge improvement on low end. I still have to dial in all the right settings on the bx63a and the Onkyo PR-SC886p Pre-Pro

and im trying to figure out the best way to feed the signal to the bx63a Main L&R or LFE

and if i use the LFE do I just use one input on the bx63a or do I use a Y connector

I'm going to try running Audyssey Pro and see what it does with the LFE feeding one channel on the bx63a and report back
Hello.  I have both the B460 and B380 amps.  I have two of the BX63A crossovers but niether have the power connectors.  One of the BX63A is from Europe and has the cord but will require a step-down unit.  My questions are....!.  Can I have the European unit changed by professional tech to not need the bulky step-down unit?  2.  Where can I purchase the correct US power adapters?  I've tried twice and both have the end that enters the 63a is either too large or too small.  Thanks in advance for any and all help.  I need my subs!