JBL - almost nothing for sale, why?

I wonder why that is...the JBL L100 made me fall in love with hi fidelity back in like 1978, when I heard for the first time how amazing recorded music can sound. 
That about sums up how I feel about my JBL 4319 monitors which go for the same price as the L100. They make it sound like you’re the one in the recording studio, and sometimes, on the other side of the glass with the musicians.

Right now, there's a little voice inside my head telling me I should have waited for the L100 to come out before I purchased the 4319...😄

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Anyone who thinks these are not every bit as capable as the “boutique” who’s who of overpriced speakers is only fooling themselves. Also, it’s a misconception that these are “colored” and only good for rock or what not. That’s not true at all. Even if they are somewhat colored, most of the music I listen to has no real reference for an “absolute” sound. 
Nonoise, I just happen to come across them by accident. I was eyeing up the large jbl’s for awhile, but just never got serious about it until I saw those burnt orange covers! It’s funny to see people give their 2cents on JBL’s when they have probably never even listened to them. How many times can we see a 2 way 6.5 woofer box get rave about as if it’s the next coming. 
Hey fruff1976, so true, so true. Some people feel there's been no advances made since the cabinets look the same but the drivers are modern, up to date units of proven design.

It's funny how some just love and swear by old tube designs, old cable designs, and old NOS DACs and yet they have to have the latest and greatest, advertised speaker designs that tout cutting edge this and that with super narrow baffles and cones made out of unobtainium. They won't even give a speaker like the L100 or the 4319 a chance listen for fear of what others might say.

They're missing out.

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When we moved in the mid-80’s, I had owned a pair of JBL Olympus enclosures with an 001 system (130A 15” woofer, 175 DLH mid/high)
in walnut, with the wood fretwork grille. My wife insisted that I sell them as they seemed big for the living room. Anyway, I ran an ad for them for $800 (as I had paid $1500 many years earlier). They were in mint condition. A guy called me and came by the house at midnight. I asked if he wanted to listen to them, but he declined saying that he could tell the condition just by looking at them. Obviously, quality sells. I see these go for much more today. That may explain why I still drool when I see a pair of JBL Olympus, w/S7R, or S8R for sale.