JBL - almost nothing for sale, why?

I wonder why that is...the JBL L100 made me fall in love with hi fidelity back in like 1978, when I heard for the first time how amazing recorded music can sound. 

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I’ve had a pair of the L100’s for a little over 2 weeks now. I can say that in all of my 30 years of chasing speakers that wow me, these are it. I have a review (non professional) on the music direct web site. I could care less if they’re not a sanctioned “high end” brand or what not. In my honest opinion, 4K is a bargain compared to what other “high end” speakers sell for. I’ve had the following. Gallo, Magnapan, ProAc, totem, audio physic Virgo, usher, elac, Thiel, golden ear and the list goes on. In my listening room, these are a vessel into the recording studio or live event. The first day we got them, my wife came home from work and I played them for her, she just started laughing. They sounded so good to her she just stated laughing and smiling. We ended up listening to them all night. This past weekend we were out listening to live music. We left early because both of us wanted to get home to listen to the new JBL’s. I don’t care what the price tag, heritage, name on the front says, no speaker has been this enjoyable to listen to. On Saturday I put on joy division unknown pleasures. I love the album, but never listen to it because I think the recording isn’t all that great. I can say it was like I was sitting in the recording studio with them. This is not a speaker that you have to explain to people why it sounds good, or what to listen for. I recently heard a pair of Uber expensive focal and to of the line paradigms. I’d take these over those, any day.
Nonoise, I just happen to come across them by accident. I was eyeing up the large jbl’s for awhile, but just never got serious about it until I saw those burnt orange covers! It’s funny to see people give their 2cents on JBL’s when they have probably never even listened to them. How many times can we see a 2 way 6.5 woofer box get rave about as if it’s the next coming. 
Anyone who thinks these are not every bit as capable as the “boutique” who’s who of overpriced speakers is only fooling themselves. Also, it’s a misconception that these are “colored” and only good for rock or what not. That’s not true at all. Even if they are somewhat colored, most of the music I listen to has no real reference for an “absolute” sound. 
Exactly, great points nonoise. My stereo sounds great, meanwhile I’ve heard  so much stuff that costs 10 - 20 times more that was either boring or sounded terrible. One example of a time when I just followed along with the crowd. When I was younger, I had saved up for a long time to buy a pair of speakers. There were overwhelming positive reviews for the magnapan 1.6qr which was in my price range, so I did the obvious thing and bought them. Well, I hated them. For years,I tried everything to make them work with no luck. Anyhow, I get way more enjoyment out of the JbL, than i ever did out if those. 
It’s a relief to get some good conversation on this. I’m so glad I pulled the trigger on these. The current state of what is offered really sucks the excitement out of the hobby, in some ways. Audiophiles can be an odd crowd for sure. After I discovered the 100’s were coming out, I started doing some searching and the consensus was they are going to be bloated bass, overpriced reproduction of the 70’s. Basically for geezers reliving the 70’s and listening to rock only. BS. Anyhow, then after they get released people say they are “bright”, “colored” yada yada. It’s all nonsense because maybe someone heard them at a trade show in a bad room or whatever, but I can say in my space, they are incredible. So, the potential is there. I heard a pair of $10,000 Focals with $20k in electronics that was “bright”but nobody would dare say that. 
And this is not because I grew up in the 70’s (42 years old) or listen to classic rock only. I’ve had a ton of the revered boutique brands and heard my share over the years in audio shops. A lot of them are overhyped or use crazy expensive materials and high overhead to justify stupid prices.