JBL - almost nothing for sale, why?

I wonder why that is...the JBL L100 made me fall in love with hi fidelity back in like 1978, when I heard for the first time how amazing recorded music can sound. 
I had a similar experience back in the day. You probably know this, JBL have relaunched the L100 speakers:

There are a few pairs of JBL Synthesis 4367 for sale.
yes there are some items for sale here...and even more on ebay and reverb.com.  But in general, I must assume that owners love them so much they are reluctant to part, or for some reason they arent respected as outstanding speakers like they should be, but thats just my 2c.  All I know, is that when I upgrade next time (lets say ~$2500/pr.) I will definitely audition whatever JBLs are available in that price range, new or otherwise.  <end rant>
Good for you. There are only so many ways one can reinvent a speaker.
People like to talk about the hype with cables and yet speakers get a pass. "Old" speakers like JBL make for some great music.

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Well, I recently joined here.  Seeing what people are interested in here I just thought JBL were too low brow. $50,000 line conditioners, $5000 pre-amps, $500 mats, $400 AC cables, etc.

I am moving and through a used L65 crossover sale on eBay I found a guy to buy all my JBL systems and a bunch of loose drivers.

He picked up the following systems:

L100(2 pr)
Aquarius IV( 2 pr)

One reason I did not list here, eBay or the Audioheritage site was shipping. I did not look forward to shipping things like the L300s.

Still have a pair of L25 Prima.

The only system I have left I might want to keep is the L222 Disco. Guy says he wants them. With my new vehicle I can move them to my new place if needed.

He also bought 42% of my vinyl. Says he wants more.

I did sell a NIB Shure V-15 for $400 and a Grace F-9 with no stylus for $190 on eBay.
I have a great pair of original
 JBL L-100. Totally in love, though I finally decided to step up to a very different class speaker, and huge cost. I put new Grills and have beautiful JBL stands. I hate to think I might part with them. Thought I am leaning that way. If anyone might be interested at a realistic price for a well loved pair with zero issues
. Reach out. Peter
In the 70's JBL made some great speakers that blew away a lot of competition. Today, to a smaller degree. We all remember the first speakers we had that made us "fall in love" with the sound. Back in the day, JBL was a powerhouse in home audio speakers not just for home but in the commercial end.Audio manufactures have come a long way since the 70's. I have been around since then. Speakers builders sprang up since that era and decided to build ones that would outperform JBL and a few other major brands and cost less.Whatever today's trend is......if you remember what sound you heard and loved that is the most important. Everyone has different "ears" and "tastes".
Just do what you like.

If you are die-hart JBL fan, then you shall try above.

I had been blow away by seemless dynamics of the speaker when I heard the speaker 10 years ago but I did not have enough space to have it at that time.

I have nothing to do with above listing.

For anyone who has any doubts about how good JBL speakers are, whether they're old or new, take a look at Kenrick Audio over on Youtube. 

I've mentioned this before but it bears reminding. They can still sound great.

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I wonder what the new and improved $4k JBL L100 offer that the originals did not?  
I was there back in the day and, while JBL made maybe the best drivers, I was never knocked out by the speakers, except for my uncle’s JBL Paragon. When I was in my teens, my bud had the Century 100s and even then I preferred my Cerwin Vegas. Almost hard to believe. But I certainly understand that people want them now because it reminds them of their youth. Just like the newer Mustangs and Camaros are based on the 69-70 models. (Had a 70 Mach 1 myself, so I know) When I worked in the studios, the JBL4311 was the big thing before the Yamaha NS10m and the joke about the JBLs were that they sounded so bad that if you got a mix sounding good on them, it would sound good on anything. But I think it's great that JBL is reissuing the older models.  I bet they will sell a ton in Japan.  
Because only 2 guys got them.
another thing to consider is that jbl is far from the last word in what is considered 'hifi' so you will typically not see them listed as often as other brands on audiophile focused websites like audiogon.
Back in the late 70's-early 80's I sold equipment at a high-end store in DC and sold a ton of L100's and not a single pair was returned by the purchaser.  I always thought of them as "rock and roll speakers", but I must say, I sold these to people who enjoyed classical, jazz and even to one of the members of the Seldom Scene (a bluegrass group).

I thought I read somewhere that Samsung bought the brand name from Harman International?  If that's so, interesting that they are re-releasing updated versions of these classics!
As mentioned by shkong78, the DD67000 are selling at 1/2 price, new, with full warranty, and free US shipping ( will ship worldwide ). The majority of this level of JBL usually finds homes over seas ( Japan, Hong Kong, etc ). Enjoy ! MrD.
Just now I counted 10 pairs of L100's for sale on EBAY. Average price $1K + shipping. Among the ten is a pair of the 2018's for $3200 + shipping ($250). So vintage pairs are not rare - unlike my KLH Nines! The L100 is a good speaker for loud rock - Zeppelin or Motorhead, anybody?
My cousin still has his L100's that he bought new back in '72! Used with a McIntosh C28/2105. This was considered "high end" back then!
I confess to owning three pairs of JBL's: C56's, 4312's and L166's. Had a pair of 640's for a while - they sounded real good!
Here are my suggestions: Be patient, check eBay or Craigslist. I love the old, large JBLs (L100, L200, L300, Olympus, S7, S8, Paragon, etc). With so many audiophiles aging and retiring, they do show up occasionally. If they haven't been taken care of, they are often in rough shape because they were stored in the garage for the last 20 years. The biggest issue, as you probably realize, is that the components have been damaged by neglect. Just be sure to hear them before you buy.
I used to own a pair of JBL Century 100's back in the mid 70's, and other than a faint resemblance of the original, that new "L-100" is a total re-design of the old one. One would think the sound of the two wouldn't be comparable. IMO. $4000 is a lot of money for nostalgia.
If Samsung made the 4350's again I think it would sell well depending on the price and create a lot of interest. Probably cost too much. Own 2 pairs of 4350's and it's pretty much the end of line for me. The ultimate at the time. I feel there's a lot of audiophiles never seen a pair or less that have heard them in the proper room. IMO.     
I had a pair of JBL L-100s and original Bose 901’s since forever.  I gave my goddaughter the 901’s with chrome stands and my nephew the L-100’s with wood stands along with a NAD 7140 receiver each.  They love the old school stereo equipment, and I wanted to leave them something to remember me by.  Plus it gave me an excuse to upgrade my gear :-)
are you really 70 years old @oldschool1948
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I heard the JBL K2 att a fair years ago. They were kind of hidden in a corner but they played them when I asked. They sounded great but were outside my budget.
I’ve had a pair of the L100’s for a little over 2 weeks now. I can say that in all of my 30 years of chasing speakers that wow me, these are it. I have a review (non professional) on the music direct web site. I could care less if they’re not a sanctioned “high end” brand or what not. In my honest opinion, 4K is a bargain compared to what other “high end” speakers sell for. I’ve had the following. Gallo, Magnapan, ProAc, totem, audio physic Virgo, usher, elac, Thiel, golden ear and the list goes on. In my listening room, these are a vessel into the recording studio or live event. The first day we got them, my wife came home from work and I played them for her, she just started laughing. They sounded so good to her she just stated laughing and smiling. We ended up listening to them all night. This past weekend we were out listening to live music. We left early because both of us wanted to get home to listen to the new JBL’s. I don’t care what the price tag, heritage, name on the front says, no speaker has been this enjoyable to listen to. On Saturday I put on joy division unknown pleasures. I love the album, but never listen to it because I think the recording isn’t all that great. I can say it was like I was sitting in the recording studio with them. This is not a speaker that you have to explain to people why it sounds good, or what to listen for. I recently heard a pair of Uber expensive focal and to of the line paradigms. I’d take these over those, any day.
That about sums up how I feel about my JBL 4319 monitors which go for the same price as the L100. They make it sound like you’re the one in the recording studio, and sometimes, on the other side of the glass with the musicians.

Right now, there's a little voice inside my head telling me I should have waited for the L100 to come out before I purchased the 4319...😄

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Anyone who thinks these are not every bit as capable as the “boutique” who’s who of overpriced speakers is only fooling themselves. Also, it’s a misconception that these are “colored” and only good for rock or what not. That’s not true at all. Even if they are somewhat colored, most of the music I listen to has no real reference for an “absolute” sound. 
Nonoise, I just happen to come across them by accident. I was eyeing up the large jbl’s for awhile, but just never got serious about it until I saw those burnt orange covers! It’s funny to see people give their 2cents on JBL’s when they have probably never even listened to them. How many times can we see a 2 way 6.5 woofer box get rave about as if it’s the next coming. 
Hey fruff1976, so true, so true. Some people feel there's been no advances made since the cabinets look the same but the drivers are modern, up to date units of proven design.

It's funny how some just love and swear by old tube designs, old cable designs, and old NOS DACs and yet they have to have the latest and greatest, advertised speaker designs that tout cutting edge this and that with super narrow baffles and cones made out of unobtainium. They won't even give a speaker like the L100 or the 4319 a chance listen for fear of what others might say.

They're missing out.

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When we moved in the mid-80’s, I had owned a pair of JBL Olympus enclosures with an 001 system (130A 15” woofer, 175 DLH mid/high)
in walnut, with the wood fretwork grille. My wife insisted that I sell them as they seemed big for the living room. Anyway, I ran an ad for them for $800 (as I had paid $1500 many years earlier). They were in mint condition. A guy called me and came by the house at midnight. I asked if he wanted to listen to them, but he declined saying that he could tell the condition just by looking at them. Obviously, quality sells. I see these go for much more today. That may explain why I still drool when I see a pair of JBL Olympus, w/S7R, or S8R for sale.
Exactly, great points nonoise. My stereo sounds great, meanwhile I’ve heard  so much stuff that costs 10 - 20 times more that was either boring or sounded terrible. One example of a time when I just followed along with the crowd. When I was younger, I had saved up for a long time to buy a pair of speakers. There were overwhelming positive reviews for the magnapan 1.6qr which was in my price range, so I did the obvious thing and bought them. Well, I hated them. For years,I tried everything to make them work with no luck. Anyhow, I get way more enjoyment out of the JbL, than i ever did out if those. 
2 pairs for sale NOW jump on 1 asap!!!

"Exactly, great points nonoise. My stereo sounds great, meanwhile I’ve heard  so much stuff that costs 10 - 20 times more that was either boring or sounded terrible".

Agreed. I recently went-through a carousel of some "audiophile-adored" names and models and JBL (4429) was a clear-cut winner for me. They are also better than anything else I've previously owned at any price range, higher or lower. Not rock and roll specific, and I find all tones (low to high) are excellently represented.

I do understand how people think today's L100 is just an expensive replica of the 70's version...but it really is not.

I find it interesting that I found at least four internationally-published reviews that all loved the 4429, and heard what I'm hearing. One guy on a forum said they "honked like geese" (seemingly justifying his perpetual rotation), and now that's the verdict on this model.

I also have to admit that I would have bought the orange L100 over the 4429 just for the mojo, but the pre order announcement came a week after I got the 4429 and I knew I had something special.

It’s a relief to get some good conversation on this. I’m so glad I pulled the trigger on these. The current state of what is offered really sucks the excitement out of the hobby, in some ways. Audiophiles can be an odd crowd for sure. After I discovered the 100’s were coming out, I started doing some searching and the consensus was they are going to be bloated bass, overpriced reproduction of the 70’s. Basically for geezers reliving the 70’s and listening to rock only. BS. Anyhow, then after they get released people say they are “bright”, “colored” yada yada. It’s all nonsense because maybe someone heard them at a trade show in a bad room or whatever, but I can say in my space, they are incredible. So, the potential is there. I heard a pair of $10,000 Focals with $20k in electronics that was “bright”but nobody would dare say that. 
And this is not because I grew up in the 70’s (42 years old) or listen to classic rock only. I’ve had a ton of the revered boutique brands and heard my share over the years in audio shops. A lot of them are overhyped or use crazy expensive materials and high overhead to justify stupid prices. 
I am also loving to hear this as in everything that requires money you will get snobs that talk you into the fact that their equipment is the best because it costs a certain amount of money.  I am on the search for new full size floor standing speakers to replace a set of Polk RTI A9's and have always loved JBL also.  My issue like many is space. 

I put my small 4311b's next to the Polks as well as my Paradigm S8's and they are still holding their own.  The S8's are definitely in a different class but they are significantly newer and larger.  

I would love to have those 4367's but don't know if I will have the room nor am I sure I want to spend that much even at that value used price. 
My first pair of speakers were L65 Jubals. What a sound!
Hi , I have a question for all you JBL affectionados . I have a very clean pair of 4312A’s . I’ve paired them with numerous SS and Tube amps . No vinyl , just a Schiit Yiggy . I’m not recapturing my youth , like I was hoping . They sound harsh in the mids.  Has anyone   experienced an improvement rebuilding/ replacing  the crossovers ? Also being secured into the baffle , I’m hesitant to tear into a virgin speaker . Please share from actual personal experience. I have already done the “ Well typically when you “ stuff . Respectfully, Mike B. And yes I was born in 57’ and I have a Buell . 
I'm currently using a pair of 4311s.  They were curb finds by my flea-market selling house mate.  Combined with digital room correction, they're the best sound I've had since my Quad ESL 57 system.

American audiophiles pigeonhole JBLs as "rock" speakers, which is why you don't see many here on the 'gon.  Our Asian brethren know better.  JBL is on the forefront of of R and D and their current speakers are optimized for smooth controlled off-axis response, as science says they should.

I would LOVE a pair of K2s or Everests.  Have to marry that wealthy widow....
I had a pair of L100's they were just plain cool. I beleive why they are liked so much is  because of the impact the bass  provides It will make the hairs on your arms stand up. Very hard to find that in any other speaker. They were designed that way on purpose. Even with a good Bryston amp that mid is screechy though and at times hard to listen to. I had mine on some Audionote tube gear and it did help to tame it. I was going to try the Murphy crossover. It is said to reduce the screechyness but maintain all the impact. Unfortunately I never got around to it. 
Nostalgia is a big part of all things vintage so sport those beautiful blue/orange grills proudly and ROCK ON. 
4429’s on their way!  Got bored with the audiophile approved nonsense.  Check out Steve Guttenberg’s Thoughts on the You Tube 🤪
Got bored with the audiophile approved nonsense
It would be nice if everyone felt this way. 👍

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I’ve got L65s (These don’t include the “Jubal” designation.) that I purchased from Pacific Stereo in the Spring of 1978.  Recently started running them with tubes and am in love again!  Sometimes I’d like to score a 2nd pair of speakers of the small-footprint-Tower design or bookshelves on stands that “disappear”, sonically, more than my ‘65s (Once auditioned a pair of ADS L-1290s that accomplished this in absolutely mind blowing fashion for a box enclosure design.).  I’ll never part with my L65s though except as a temporary switch-out.  I can never seem to locate JBL’s really high end offerings on the web (the “synthesis” series??). Would dearly love to audition a pair of the smaller ones in my own setup but it would only be out of curiosity as I’ll never be able to afford them...

Good Listening

WOW!! Just wow is all I can say about my 4429’s....even cold out of the box they have that physical presence to the sound and the best tonality I’ve heard. I’ve had Wilson 6’s and 7’s, and Dynaudio C4’s and B&W 802 D3’s to name a few and none had this sense of realism.
Hmm.. might get a pair of those... my Jbl are for sale btw. Check canuckaudiomart.