JBL 4430 & B&W 801 with KRELL OR MCINTOSH?

Well Im thinking of getting either a solid amp mcintosh or krell with JBL 4430 's and a pair of B&W nautilus 801(not D) I want to know which would best marriage/drive these speakers? I like music with nice tight bass and detailed but not muddy bass or distortion. I'm into some classical, dubstep, rock and oldies just to name a few. Heres some of the amps I was thinking to get:

Mcintosh: mc500 mc602 mc501 mc601 mc1000

Krell: FBP600 MDA300 MDA500 KSA300S FBP700cx
I owned a MC500 for years. It originaly powered some Mirage M1sis, which are pigs at 83db/1 watt with no problems, then more recently my B&w 800ds. It should well with the 801s. If cost is not a problem then the higher power monos would be even better. The 601s are quad balanced and are conservatively rated these would be my pick of the above listed MCs with the MC1000s my second. As for the Krells I have no personal experience other than showroom, but will say Krell is known for low end response and would be worth looking into.