JBL 4429, deep bass ?

Hi, i have bought pair 4429. They have aprox 40hs.

I have had 4312SE and i hear more deep bass than 4429. I see tight bass in a 4428

This could be ?

im using mc275.

Manual: FREQUENCY RESPONSE 40Hz – 45kHz (–6dB)


I am not going to take the time to compare the two speakers you mention, but an speaker which does 40Hz at -6dB does not play low bass, imo. YMMV

Even if it were rated at 40Hz +/-3dB it still wouldn't play deep bass. It's a 12" woofer in a 15x25x12 cabinet - puny. That equals not great bass. :(  I'm afraid you got yourself a speaker that you didn't realize can't do much low end. No amp, cables, source, etc. will correct it holistically. It's simply unable to do deeper bass. If you are seeking much deeper bass you will be wasting your money to pursue other fixes for this speaker.

People often use the term "deep bass" when what they really mean is a speaker with a high midbass output. Juke boxes are a good example. Tons of midbass, but no real low bass. But people love jukeboxes. They’d probably be happier with one than their current hifi system.
JBL 4429 and "deep bass" don't belong in the same sentence. I worked at an audio store in SoCal several years ago, and after playing some test and demonstration records through the typical JBL formula--horn plus oversized ported woofer, the frequency sweeps clearly showed that these big 12" and 15" woofers were starting to roll off at 100 Hz, which would explain why they're down 6 dB at 40 Hz.

Most of the perceived bass on this design is overtones. It's mostly midbass thump with little true extension. It sounds impressive on '70s rock and pop, but less so with deep synth tones, and the constant barrage of high frequency sizzle, blaring midrange, and upper bass thump gets fatiguing, even on the music it does fairly well.

And acoustic classical music easily shows its shortcomings.