jbl 4412a vs jbl lsr32 .

I em looking for speaker whit woofer sound from 4412a and tweeter / midrange sound from lsr32.  I cant listen to two pairs at the same time i think, so if i have to choice lsr32 is winner - but the bass in memory from 4412a affect listening. Solution if the is one ???
Yes! Buy both pairs of speakers. Put the 4312's on the floor. Place the LSR32's on top of the 4312's. Get an active crossover and two stereo amps. One high power, one low-to-mid power. Connect the 4312's to the high power amp. The LSR32's to the low power amp. On the active crossover set the turn-over frequency at 100hz and 12 db or higher. Set the crossover gain levels to each pair of speakers by using a pink noise (FM hiss will do) source. Listen for an equal sound level to each of the two pairs of speakers. That's how I did it when I had my biamped 4 - speaker, 4 - mono amps setup. It had unlimited headroom (SPL)! You can then play around with the frequency and decibel points on the crossover to suit your listening preferences once you have the gain levels to each amp set the same. 
You don't need a four-figure audiophile-approved crossover. Crown makes good ones! In fact, the new Crown XLS amps come with built-in crossovers. You can buy two XLS1502 amps for $399 each and have your amps/crossovers for your biamp system.They are excellent amps and if they cost $3999 audiophiles would love them!
With my recommendations you can have the bass of the 4312's and the midrange/treble of the LSR32's!
One amp for the bass (4312) and one amp for the mid/treble (LSR32). This is how pro sound - reinforcement is done. You can have unlimited headroom! For your set up I'd buy the two Crown amps with built-in crossovers if you don't already have amps on hand.
Thank you for advice. LSR32 are biamp , so for quick test i will use yamaha m80 amp 330 wpc 4 omh whit C60 preamp to woofer and Audire Crescendo amp120 wpc 4 omh whit Adcom GFP-565 preamp. This i can do tomorrow. Than i have JBL l100t3 so i thinking to use those for low and LSR32 for mid/tweeter as suggested . Hmm. Going to shop for Crown XLS now. Thank you again.