JBL 4410a a classic or a dust collector?

I know that these speakers are old, and I can't find any info at all. Can anyone give me insight on them?
How old are they? A bit confused as I've seen new, they looked new anyway, 4410's (not certain about the "a") within the past year and a half. They were @ a local DJ shop (3 drivers - fairly large woofer - maybe 24" high in utility cab's).

If vintage I don't recall them, just the 4300 series.

Did not listen to them, was just in/out visiting the repair shop's tech.
Markubvt, If memory serves, the 4400A series was circa 1995.

See if you can find anything here in the James B. Lansing library.

Weren't they the Pro version of the Century 100? I had a pair of the 100's and they centinly had the JBL sound. They also had a test record (still have it) that sounded great....but only with the 100's?
the 4408,4410 and 4412 are all great....well built and very detailed monitor type speakers..work best with tube gear,
Thanks for the link Buscis2.
The 4410A info is in the above link just click on the following:
JBL Library, Specs, Pro Speakers,
8 columns down or copy and paste:

Rich, You're Welcome.

The Lansing library is a wonderful source of information. Especially for us JBL freaks. (I still own a pair of completely restored L-112s). They are an awesome sounding speaker. The crossovers were modified by Mark Levinson in 1982 and are 93db efficient @1 watt/1 meter. Levinson originally used the L-112 as a monitor speaker in his lab located in Woodbridge, Ct.

I am presently using Energy Veritas 2.2s. An extremely "polite" speaker in relation to the JBL.

Unfortunately, I lost my interest in JBL once Harman International took JBL over. IMHO, the company went straight downhill after that. But, pre-Harman, JBL was a VERY serious player in the loudspeaker industry.

What a shame.

the pro version of the century 100 was the 4312 which is now available in a mkll version and exported exclusively to asia. they can be found in the u.s. through collectors and they are unbelievably good.