jbl 4367

can any jbl owners chime in and tell me how they feel about their speakers?
currently i am looking into the synthesis line specifically the 4367
my listening room is 11x16x10 and I will be running pass lab 30.8 and sonic frontiers pre along with digital source

The folks at Music Direct may be able to tell you as they carry about a dozen of the JBL line of pro monitors designed for home use. One of their team is training over at JBL in Northridge to get a better understanding of all things JBL. As far as I know, they are the only ones selling the top line JBLs stateside, for now.

I’m still waiting for my 4319 monitors to arrive and they’ll be fine for my 10x15x8 room. I thought they might be too big for your room but this video of the JBL 4367 shows them playing in a smaller room so it may work out for you. They’re essentially a scaled down version of the mighty K2 speakers, using the very same drivers but in a more user friendly cabinet for home use. I envy you. 😋

If you go to YouTube and google JBL 4367, check out the 4365 model that comes up at Kenrick Sounds (it’s close in size but with different drivers) and you can bask in the sound. Kenrick has the best recordings if your computer speakers are up to snuff.

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My main speakers are DIY 4350’s, I have always been JBL admirer. That said if I wanted a second set of more current JBL’s I would go for S4700 instead of 4367 for several reasons, the S4700 is three ways, the 4367 is two ways, the S4700 has better ergonomics and does not need a stand where as the 4367 will need a 12” or even 18” high stands to sound at its best.

Music Direct has both and list prices are same.

Several years ago I auditioned a pair of 4430’s that I wanted to use as second system or in a surround mode with my larger monitors, found a pair in our town, Houston, I was really disappointed that this two way system did not have a decent high frequency despite the specs which indicated response way over my hearing limit.

Anyway if I ever go for another JBL as my second system I must be able to hear them in person I hope that you are able to hear yours before purchase.

I newly own the 4367s, which is a passive M2 designed for home use with different a horn. In my experience 4367s regularly do not demo well at shows, which is odd because placement for decent sound is easy.  (Upward vertical and horizontal frequency balance is very even.)  There is no mystery to the model. They are unromantic, low distortion, dynamic and articulate with some cap on resolution inherent to horns. The soundstage is more laid back than other horns. They are not really full range and in the grey zone, and probabaly requiring a subwoofer depending on the user.  Hybrid integration is fine, obviously a complicated trade-off in horns. I can't readily identify the crossover point, but a 15" woofer in an MDF cabinet makes its own sound. I will say that I hate ported sound, but the 4367s do not have that problem.

The stand required is actually about 7" high as the tweeter is recommended to be at ear height. I have yet to buy stands. I have heard isoacoustics is familiar with 4367, but I have no experience with the company. I have no experience with the S4700 and do not understand the marketing difference. Maybe something to do with M2? S4700s LF drop-off is 8hz higher than the 4367.

There is a long thread on whatsbestforum about a pair of 4367s that is pretty good.
I absolutely love mine. I have been into great sound for over 30 years and I have never heard (of my own or in a show room) a speaker sound so 3 dimensional and just right.. they are extremely revealing and I can listen for hours. I realize this thread is several months old, hope the OP had a chance to listen to the amazing 4367.