JBL 4350's

Hi, I'm new here.  I recently came into ownership of a pair of JBL 4350's, from the original owner, all original parts, walnut cabinets (which I think makes them 4350B's?), full working condition, decent cosmetic condition.  Got them hooked up with a old Marantz amp, they sound amazing, like listening to anything else for a day afterwards was disappointing.  I've been searching online for some resources on more specific information to these, but haven't found a ton.

Anyway, I'm not in a position to keep them, I just don't have the space for them.  Not being someone who is really into HiFi, I'm trying to research where I can sell something of this size and value.  I'm a long time eBay member, but do not want to go that route for something like this.  I signed up here to check the Blue Book and these aren't even coming up (maybe I need to pay for that part?).  Given how few listings of sales I can find, that doesn't entirely surprise me.

I'm wondering if there is some advice on how to go about selling these.  I'm in the central Virginia area, and I'm assuming it would be unlikely I'd find some local to purchase these.  I'd like to limit this to continental US, though I see these are big in Japan.  How does one arrange to ship something of this size, freight?  Do people use Paypal for transactions this large, or is there a safer method?  Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, or if I'm out of line, just genuinely looking for advice to safely sell these at market value to someone who can enjoy them as much as I'd like to.  Thanks
Try listing them here on Audiogon. Specify "pickup only" - to save the hassle of packing/shipping such a heavy pair of speakers. Central VA is close enough to DC - and Atlanta, that your listing will likely attract audiophiles in those areas! Vintage JBL's (and Altec's) are always desirable - I have C56's, 4312's and 166's.
These are epic speakers! I don't have to tell you, but do try every trick in the trade to keep them...
Yeah, in my research, I'm seeing a ton of these in Japan.  I can't imaging how much you'd have to pay to ship something of this size over there.

I'd love to keep them, but I'm not optimistic about that happening.  Currently they're at a relatives house, will have to move them out soon and probably to a climate controlled storage unit until I can sell them or get a house with a space big enough to use them.

I was thinking of shooting some video of me using the speakers, maybe with an RTA mic and Smaart to show the frequency response and "proof of condition" if I'm going to have to sell them online.
I took a more in depth look at Kenrick's site and a pair of 4355 (which are very similar to your 4350) are going for about $17,500. I'm not saying you'd get that much as they overhaul everything in the speaker and use only the finest components they can get. But anyone buying these will know their worth.

Also on the site is a picture of a pair of 4350 in some customer's living room in Singapore. The room is big but not overly large and they look right at home, the way old audio photos used to. 

I can only dream.....

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You may want to contact local hotels with ballrooms, live music venues or even churches to see if you get any bites. I think it would be challenging to find someone even with more than average size home to accommodate them in their listening room, maybe a large home theatre set up.  
I've seen some crazy numbers, one pair sold for $2000, as the guy was trying to sell them fast and knew they'd go quick at that price.  I've seen two other pairs go for $15-18K on eBay over the years.  I'm sure I can find someone to buy them eventually, just need to get it listed in the right places.  $10-15K is a lot for a pair of speakers, but at that price, I don't think the extra $500 or so in freight is going to be a deal breaker.  
Keep in mind that the $17K that Kenrick is asking comes with a complete replacement and improvement of the capacitors, drivers, trim pots and wiring, not to mention the refinishing of the cabinets and baffle. 

Here's a couple of videos that show how fanatical they are:

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I haven't actually looked at prices from Japan.  The $10-15K I saw were eBay listings within the last 6 years, so they weren't ones that had been totally overhauled or serviced.