JBL 4349 or Klipsch Cornwall IV

I need some input on these speakers, I will be able to try 4349 in my home in some time but Cornwall IV is difficult to audition, no dealers nearby. Any input is highly appreciated.

I listen to rock, metal, classical music, jazz, americana and occasionally some country. I have Mark Levinson pre and power (power is not an issue with the JBLs although I might have to change amp for the Cornwalls). My room is roughly 16x18 with a 10 feet ceiling.

I have listened to JBL L100 and while I enjoyed them with classical, jazz and metal, I did not find them to be very good for rock. The treble was slightly harsh and since the loudspeaker did not sound very open or engaging at lower volumes, the treble became very noticeable when the volume was dialled up. But like I said, they brought life to classical and jazz, that’s why I’m now looking at 4349 or maybe Cornwall IVs which have gotten some very nice reviews.

can't talk about the whole line but I read a review on the L100s cabinet construction was not great
I'm not sure I'd call them forgiving, but they don't shine a light on poor recordings.  I can listen to most anything on them.

@mijostyn, are you talking about earlier Cornwalls or the latest?


Whichever one you listen to make sure you warm up and play for at least three hours to determine the sound a lot of high or higher efficiency systems take time to warm up to sound their best do not make quick judgements and buy the one you like but the cornwall will be very amplifier dependent.
3 hours every time you listen to these speakers?
John Marks’ JBL L100 comments

I've not heard the JBL's but they certainly look great!
I own the Cornwall IV's and I'm very happy with them.  They are a little light below 50Hz but they are oh, so clean and dynamic!  I listen to a wide range of music, too: rock, country, jazz, classical, chill and more.  I have never felt horns were the best thing for large-scale classical music, but they really are the cat's meow for pretty much everything else, IMHO. 

As for the "revealing" thing...Cornwalls have exceptional clarity, but I would not say they are ruthlessly revealing or that they are particularly forgiving, either.  Bad recordings will sound like bad recordings.  Great recordings will sound like great ones.  They do have a degree of warmth that I think sometimes helps the medicine go down.