JBL 250ti HELP

My dad offered me his JBL 250Ti speakers for my dedicated theater room in my new house in which I have not started yet. The speakers have been sitting in his attic for 16 years and were really not used at all since 1995. The woofers on both certainly need to have new foam, but overall the speakers have been treated well. I want to get opinions on the speakers. What steps do I need to take to see if the attic has taken a toll on them? How should go about restoring them? I realize some of the speakers may need to be replaced and I was wondering what the general opinions were on replacing all the speakers and keeping the cabinets? It seems that cabinets today are all light weight wood or mdf board even in the $2500+ a speaker range. It seems that this JBL may be a great starting point to rebuild with some new speakers and have an amazing custom speaker in a sturdy cabinet. I apologize if I am not posting this in the correct spot as I am new to this site. I do know there are a lot of knowledgeable people around here and I am looking forward for any feedback.
Thanks in advance.
As you noted, you're probably going to have to get new surrounds for the woofers. In addition, most attics are very hot places during the summer months. I would think that the capacitors in the crossovers are pretty much shot, so they'll need to be replaced.

Finally, any parts of the speakers that might react to the hot temps should be looked at. And this might include any internal bracing that may have been affected by the temps...

Hi. Just found this post. What's the status? Pete