JBL 100 Classic or Klipsch Heresy III?

Looking for any opinions on these two options being driven by a PrimaLuna Prologue Classic integrated in a smallish listening environment (approx. 13” x 14.5” end of an open floor plan space which goes right into a kitchen/minuscule dining area...Speakers have to go on the long wall and can have the benefit of close wall boundaries but not corners.). Listening tastes are all over the map with emphasis on mainstream Rock/Pop and Jazz/Blues but, on any given day, Stravinsky or Steeleye Span might be on the turntable. Thanks in advance.
High efficiency is its own reward. I would continue the search.
Lg1,I agree with Contuzzi, I am running a Primaluna HP integrated and a pair of Forte III's and it is just splendid, rich, clear, wide and the bass is great in my room about the same dimensions as yours ....and volume galore!
I also had a pair of JBL L65 speakers.
I parted with them in 2009.....A great sounding speaker.  Hang on to them.
Good luck in your quest!
You may not like the horn speakers over time.
Or you may like the horn speakers even more over time, as I have. An audio geek friend was visiting today and hadn't heard my system since I added a little SE Dennis Had tube amp and Heresy IIIs...he's the guy who turned me on to my (previous faves) Silverline Prelude speakers which he still uses (by the way, GREAT speakers)...he was amazed at how immediate, coherent, and great sounding the Heresy IIIs are, and agreed that they seem to be a bargain relative to what's out there (Or he thought they sucked and was just trying to be nice). Note that Forte IIIs cost about the same as the JBLs so that makes at least a monetary comparison relevant, and I'd bet a side by side comparison of those 2 items would be interesting. I think the utter retro vibe of the JBLs foam grills is pretty cool, and wonder if they made those out of something that won't disintegrate like the originals all did...seemingly all at the same time...I stuck a finger through one of the older versions creating a little pile of orange dust in a friend's place once...oops...my bad...
lgi, did you make your purchase of the Heresy IIIs? I’ve been doing quite a bit research on speakers and am almost ready to pull the trigger on the Heresy III for my Mystere tube amp by sister company PrimaLuna. In my reading it seem like the H3 and PimaLuna is a good match. You may want to give Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio a call. He carries both and recommends the pairing whole heartedly.