jazzheads need your help: Clark terry

On this weeks Radio Deluxe show they closed with a tune by Clark Terry but I am having trouble finding a play list. On a side note... Anybody have a fave Terry LP? Much love fellow goners
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Radio Deluxe is a GREAT jazz show!
I can't tell you much about the lp but a friend turned me on to Live at the Village Gate on cd. The sound quality is great, but that's beside the point, it's Terry and company swinging, interacting with the audience and having a whole lot of fun.
If you like jazz trumpet and don't know about him, try checking out Clifford Brown. The greatest that ever lived. Died way too young at the age of 25 in a car accident, but we have plenty of his recorded music. Blazing technique ... with soul that never ends.

Take care ...
Color Changes on the Candid label.
Radio Deluxe WOULD be a good jazz show IF the hosts didn't announce their own names 30 times per show .
Live at The Village Gate is one of the best sounding jazz recordings ever. Played at every audio show when released.

Remember The Time is a great album produced in honor of Clark's 75th birthday. He was still jamming! Cheers,
thanks for letting us know that Radio Deluxe is such a good jazz radio show. Will try to listen to it online (don't have a receiver + antenna that will DX). Can anyone recommend an online radio station to "tune into" to listen to Radio Deluxe?

I've a few Clark Terry albums thanks to my friend Shakeydeal for introducing me to him when I visited him to listen to his system. I like In Orbit the best (of what I have) & next I like Yes, The Blues. I also have Serenade to a Bus Seat but I don't understand that album so my enjoyment level is low on that one.
Try to listen these great albums, from different time period.



There is another album with unreleased tracks, from that album above, great too,'The alternate blues' is called.


Great trumpets all around.

More C.T. on this amusing album(imho)

Dave Pike, 'Jazz for jazz set'


I streamed the latest Radio Deluxe show off their website & I have to agree with Schubert - they announced themselves & the name of the show just toooooooo many times & it got really annoying. After about 20 minutes I couldn't stand it any longer & quit listening. Also, this particular show was rather heavy on Billie Holiday from the start & I'm afraid that I'm no Billie Holiday fan. So, that made things worse for me. Anyway, I appreciate the OP for informing us that show a Jazz radio show exists. I'll tune in from time-time & maybe sometimes I will like the music they are playing?
well...Color Changes is his masterpiece IMO...