Jazzfest in Molde Norway

Anybody been to this festival?...or know of any live recordings? cheers..
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Here's one that's recently been re-released on CD:

Arild Andersen/Molde Concert; ECM Records 1236; 78:45; recorded live at Molde Jazz Festival, August 1981

features John Taylor - piano/Bill Frisell - guitar/Andersen - bass/Alphonse Mouzon - drums

If you're still out there, here's one that was just released:

Terje Rypdal/Lux Aeterna; ECM Records 1818; 60:47; recorded live at Molde Domkirke, July 19, 2000 and commissioned by the Molde Jazz Festival.

Rypdal/guitar; Palle Mikkelborg/trumpet; Iver Kleive/organ; Ashild Stubo Gundersen/soprano; Bergen Chamber Ensemble - Kjell Seim/conductor