Jazz vocalists which may not be as real as we think/imagine

Sure we could include all genres of vocalists,  but lets focus on jazz performers,,for instance , take Diana Krall. 
I have a  pile of cds that i do not listen to, old rock,,, 2 are my wife's she picked up as gifts, and never listened.
So I figured maybe I can use DK's as a  test reference recording.
Her 1999 and 2001, both seem to my ears her voice is somehow ~~tweeked~~ laid out with modern aids such as EQ's and such.
My Q is , can we really consider DK's voice to be The Real Deal,,, or a  perhaps a toch of  ~ The Fake if not perhaps, bordering on, fraud. 
I really can not use her cds in my testing of new tweeks, mods, , Her voice comes across wayyyy too warm = Colored = a nono for my ears. 
I am after pure cold frigid, icy clean mountain spring water. 
Anyway, justa  random thought,, what say ye? Have you noticed this quirk among other jazz performers such as Sophie Milman, which btw , i do use in  my YT vid uploads of testing reference on tweeks/mods/upgrades. 
Her voice is at least somewhat more~~ a  natural~, Just barely,,had her engineers gonea  tad too far in tweeking, I may have to  also disreagrd her cds. 
Sure you might object and claim all recordings post 1985, have these intrusions of tweeking /EQing the voice, as a  makeover. 
I don't know, maybe in the past 20 yrs things have gotten out of hand. 
So cast your vote, is DK's voice real deal,, or a  tad fake?
Can she perform unpluged as she does on high tech studio records?
One thing we know for sure is that Kraal's husband (Elvis Costello) doesn't rely on recording gimmicks to improve his voice.
Every recording is "equalized" if only by the choice of mic, since every mic sounds different and the engineer will choose one that benefits the performer's voice.  This is also true of amplified live performances although to a lesser extent. Mics there are sometimes chosen for their reliability and ruggedness.  Take away the mic and sound system from any pop singer and you will be disappointed by the sound of their voice in a large venue.
If you want clean vocals, get some of the Sheffield Direct-to-Disk recordings ...... Amanda McBroom.  Or Confederation.  Or an Opus disk ... Bert Deivert.  Or even the original Columbia Bob Dylan recording, where they just stuck him in front of a Neuman mic and let him sing and play.
Wow. Now we have not only "fake news", but "fake singers".My suggestion would be to listen to Diana Krall's "Live in Paris" and perhaps entertain the notion that you are completely out to lunch on this.
I think you misunderstand whazt i said in the OP, 
The whole isssues here is ~~modern studio engineers, did they get carried away with their gadgets,,a  bit too far from the original voice~~.
I spoke with my tech guy,on this Q, he says, alot of the voice mods really began in the early 80's. 
IOW all others before , voices were tweaked, slightly extended. 
DK's voice, though talented, can not hold up under *Unplugged sessions*. Here,you hear what i mean, Sure Patsy's voice has a  amplification, which only lends more vol, thrust to her voice range,, But does not mask any weaknesses.
= More organic, vs the modern engineered variety, = not all fake, but lets say, Not as real as we might think.
Lets not get carried away in modern times, by modern gadgets.
There was once a  Golden Age of Singing.