Jazz:swingin, groovin modern big band recordings.

Hey folks...looking for wild, crazy, zany horn filled big band orgasm! Modern version of Woody Herman, Basie, Duke,etc....great recording a plus!
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What about : Big Bad Voodoo Daddy ?
Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band.

Hands down.
These are all well recorded: Robbie Williams "Swing when you're winning" - stellar recording. ToP Oakland Zone, Strokeland Superband - anything. Santa Fe Fat City Horns (a bit schmultzy for my taste), Phat Phuncktion (great modern stuff - good bass player). Zuchero Fornaciari - The Blues (awesome stuff from the land of great food). For zany - try Dirty Dozen Brass Band (less polished but awesome for simple raw realism and dynamics and less studio engineering polish).
Another vote for Gordon Goodwin's Phat Band. They have a new CD out that comes with a cool DVD.
GRP All Star Big Band
All Clayton-Hamilton albums are great.
One of my favorites is ,Lavay Smith & her Red Hot Skillet Lickers,
Wayne Bergeron (Tpt) has released 2 stellar CD's: "Plays Well With Others" & "You Call This A Living?". The dude's been around forever, used to be Maynard Ferguson's lead trpt player (which speaks volumes if your familiar with Maynard). A real studio playa on the west coast, he's played with everybody and anybody (pretty sure he's in Goodwin's Phat band). Treat yourself and do what I did, buy both his records at once, it's like getting a spectacular Big Band double album!!;)
One more suggestion: Phil Kelly and the Santa Ana Winds "My Museum".
Check it out:
Body & Soul
Ernie Krivda & the Fat Tuesday Big Band, Americatone Records, 2005
Jet Set Six, "Livin' It Up"
The Love Dogs, "Heavy Petting"
The Mighty Blue Kings, "Meet Me in Uptown", "Come One, Come All"
Also, Art Pepper + 11 - fantabulous music as well as sonics.