Jazz "samplers"

Does anyone know if there are any Jazz "sampler" discs with various Jazz artists?
there are lots of jazz samplers on cd, including those from: audioquest; gml; proprius; chesky; polygram; grp; reference recordings; mapleshade; fim; jvc; bluenote, etc. i picked up most of mine at various ces's and other shows but some are available direct fom manufacturers and places like analouge productions.
oops, i meant to say acoustic sounds, not analouge productions (that's their own label). online @acousticsounds.com
There's a series of samplers done here in the SF Bay Area by one of the local contemporary jazz stations, KKSF. They're distributed by Tower Records locally. The artists that donate their work include the likes of Dave Koz, Boney James, Rick Braun, etc. The proceeds go to AIDs research. Can't speak for the quality of the CDs, though, as I've never bought one.
you can also get samplers from REAL WORLD and NARADA, along with SONY Classical sampler at Tower. $.99 cents each, great little deal.
Try the Blue Note collections they can be found at any good vendor
By far the BEST Jazz/Rock samplers on CD are the MFSL ultradisc gold cds. I have a few of there samplers and the recordings are most impressive.
Would any of you be willing to make a recording on to cassette for me? I would supply the cassette. (Prefer those with a top Nakamichi deck.)