Jazz recommendations?

I am looking for recommendations for smooth piano jazz; something not busy, something to listen to while reading or just sitting calmly still.
David Benoit
You should get a ton of good recommendations. Nearly all the Bobo Stenson recordings might work and they have a pretty low processed cheese content. Might also want to try:
Kirk Lightsey Trio/Goodbye Mr. Evans
Steve Kuhn/Mostly Ballads
Enrico Pieranunzi/Untold Story
Ketil Bjornstad/Any
Jon Balke/Any
Wayne Horvitz/Sweeter Than The Day
Peter Erskine/Live At Rocco
Charlie Haden/Nocturne
tord gufstavsen comes to mind,not so smooth jazz,a little more traditional with a taste of contemporary.a little on the slow side for most but good for what you are looking for imho.
Bob James works for me when I want something unobtrusive.
I would also agree with the Tord Gustavsen Trio pick, either The Ground or Changing Places are both great cd's, very introspective and distinct sounding, but easy on the ears.
The Bill Evans Trio/ Waltz for Debby
bill evens.....trio 64, 65
Try Straight Up by Bob James.
I have The Ground by Gustavsen, one of my favorites. I will check into the other recommendations.
Kenny Baron and Charlie Haden- The Night and You.
BOJAN Z- solo
yes I know the following are not pianists
ralph towner solo guitar
ANOUAR BRAHEM [ oud player from TUNISA
check tower records or google for audio samples
For a more "classic" style of smooth piano jazz, I'd recommend just about any bill evans disk, also solo works or small ensemble works by errol garner. Evans, though, should really float your boat--though he's so good, you might find yourself listening instead of reading.
Lonnie Liston Smith,Bob James,Dr John all live here sometimes,Bob
Diary, an album by Ralph Towner of Oregon from 1973 features him on both piano and guitars(12 string and classical) and is highly recommended for your purposes. I also can second the recommendations for fellow ECM artists:
Ketil Bjornstad "The River" and "The Sea".
Peter Erskine" Time Being", "As It Is", "You Never Know" in trio format with John Taylor on piano.
BoBo Stenson "Serenity".
Vassilis Tsabropoulos "Achirana" Trio format. All the above are in an introspective contemporary style.
Also consider most of the classic Bill Evans albums from the early 60s.

Everybody Digs Bill Evens
That is also the title of the album
Peter Martin
you must remember spring bill evens,i agree with peter erskine ecms,as it is,time being,juni,you never know.nice suggestion mnmark,bobo stensons war babies!
You must have a listen to Tord Gustavsen Trio's Changing Places (ECM 1834). Brilliant music making, great sound. You can get a few sample of the record on ECM's website.
Not just piano but vocals plus piano recommendations;
Stacy Kent comes to mind. Any of her collections except perhaps her latest "The Boy Next Door" which I find is leaning towards pop.
Also try her hubby's (Jim Tomlinson) release of "Brazilian Sketches". His sax playing is addictive plus Stacey apppearing in some of the tracks. A marriage made in heaven, I mean the voice & the sax playing too :-).
I recently discovered Dave's True Story "Nature" which is pretty relaxing as well.
Ill second those thoughts on Peter Erskine and of course Bill Evans "Waltz for Debby".Someone else that may be of iterest to you is a gentleman by the "naim" of Laurence Hobgood, Playing since the age of six at a prepatory school in Dallas TX. Has a strong background in classical study which comes through in his improvisational skills. A very well educated pianist ,his college years spent at U.of IL. in Champaign/Urbana,has performed with other artists such as Paul Wertico and Kurt Elling among many others.You can find him on the "NAIM"record lable ,. This artists music is also found on the Blue Note lable titled "Close Your Eyes' with which he produced and co-arranged along with Paul Wertico and Kurt Elling this was nominated for a grammy. Someone else worth seeking out IMHO.Regards/Tim...
Dave Brubeck
Jaques Loussier does unique jazz interpretations of classical compositions. His best know are his Back works but my favorites are Satie and Chopin. Very interesting and relaxing stuff.
Being a avid piano jazz lover, here's some ideas:

Moonbeams--Bill Evans
Facing You--Keith Jarrett
With Symphony Orchestra--Bill Evans
Haiku--Joey Calderazzo
Herbie Hancock--The Piano
Brad Medhlau--Art of the Trio, ALL 3 Volumes
Symbiosis--Bill Evans


There are so many artists that would fit the bill. here are just a few:

Richie Beirach
Steve Kuhn
Marilyn Crispell
You should also have a listen to Alain Trufaz "bending new corners".
Ray Bryant is a soulful player with great chops but never assaults you with them. His music can make you happy at the purely sensory level, but also rewards the musically aware. Not super well known but is one of my automatic recommendations to people who don't know jazz but would like something accessible to listen to. His Montreux '77 concert album is great, but I like all of his Cadet and EmArcy stuff too.
The one and only Oscar Peterson --(OP trio) Sat night at the blue note, Oscar Peterson and the bassists etc.
Check this out. Might be what you are lookin for.
Hiroko Kokubu - New York Uncovered

Click the link...you can listen to samples from this cd...

Ahmad Jamal, "Cross Country Tour"

Bill Evans, absolutely, but do not forget "Sunday at the Village Vanguard"

Billy Taylor, "Ten Fingers, One Voice" (in reference to your intended use, this was the ONLY cd I could listen to while studying for the NY bar exam)
I just enjoyed a new release that came out this week, The Body and Soul Sessions by the Philippe Saisse Trio. Jazzy renditions of popular favorites, like Steely Dan's Do It Again, the Beatles' Lady Madonna, and James Taylor's Fire and Rain. If not quite in the "smooth jazz" genre, it's very close.
Johnny O'Neil, Mitsuaki Kishi, Patricia Barber, Bob James, Eliane Elias, Dave Brubeck, Pat Coil, Sergio Mendes, Russell Ferrante and Dave Grusin are a few great musicians that play smooth jazz piano.
I like David Benoit. "The Best of David Benoit 1987-1995" is worth looking at. Dave Brubeck's music which is less busy-sounding might suit your description better. To each his own.

Just a side note. You may want to sample short music clips from tower records webpage to see if the music suits your listening taste prior to purchasing the albums.