Jazz on Contemporary, anyone doing quality reissues? Music Matters?

Older original Contemporary jazz LP's are getting very hard to find in good condition.  They are some of the best recorded jazz LPs of all time.  Music Matters did a great job with Blue Notes.  Now, how about the great Contemporary collection.  
I enjoy the “Analog Productions” Art Pepper reissues immensely.  “AP Meets The Rhythm Section” is a classic.  “+11” is another classic with has, for me, some of the best recorded large(ish) ensemble jazz in my collection.  Very realistic, slightly distant perspective which really shows off the arrangements.  The 45rpm versions are even better.  
APO had planned to reissue 25 Contemporary titles:


but according to Mr. Fremer in a relatively recent Analog Planet post, the owner of rights to Contemporary pulled the plug on the deal.

Too bad for us.