Jazz newbie

I'm dipping my feet in the water in the world of Jazz.

I have- Miles-Kind of Blue and John Coltrane's -Love Supreme.

What other titles would you recommend ?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.
Frogman beat me to it.  There are 20,000+ posts on the "Jazz for Aficionados" forum with lots of comments on the music and tons of links to single cuts and entire albums on YouTube.  Great way to learn and listen.

While I'm here, I'd add:

Sonny Rollins - Saxophone ColossusMiles Davis - Nefertiti
I’ll add a few here to get this on my radar.

Miles Davis everything, but Sketches of Spain, Bitches Brew, in addition to KoB.
I’m not fond of  Coltrane, but Ben Webster - anything, and Dexter Gordon - Round Midnight, and The Other side of Round Midnight.
Modern Jazz Quartet - anything.
Horace Tapscott - anything
Yuseff Lateef - start with Eastern Sounds, then Lateef
Terence Blanchard - Jazz for Film, but anything els too.

for Guitar - Jim Hall, Concierto, and All Across the City
John Abercrombie Quartette - M, Arcade, Timeless, anything really

Paul Desmond- That’s Jazz
Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage

Weather Report - I Sing The Body Electric! Sweet Nighter! Heavy Weather! Mr.Gone!
Anything on the ECM label!