Jazz must have pressings???

Since this board is dominated by rock n' rollers, let's hear from a jazz oriented crowd.

Being a piano-guitar player my vinyl collection is heavy with those two instruments. I'm thinking of expanding my vinyl collection to balance it a bit.

So the ? is, what selections do you recommend that are absolutely 'must haves'?
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Hi Coltrane1! I'm a guitar player and bassist, these are some of my favorite pressings:
1. Kenny Burrell and John Coltrane on Prestige
2. Guitar Player (2 LP's)on MCA-Joe Pass, Lee Ritenour, Herb Ellis,Irving Ashby, Barney Kessel and others
3. The Guitar Album-Historic Town Hall Concert (2LP's) on Columbia-Charlie Byrd, Chuck Wayne,John McLaughlin, Bucky Pizarelli,George Barnes,Joe Beck
4. Solo Flight-The Genius of Charlie Christian (2 LP's) on Columbia
5. Dave Brubeck_Time Out on Classic Records reissue
6. Corea-Hancock (2 LP's) on Polydor
7. Larry Coryell-Spaces-on Vanguard
8. Bill Evans and Jim Hall-Intermodulation-on Verve
9. Count Basie Big Band-Farmer's Market Barbecue-on Pablo
10. The Poll Winners-Barney Kessel, Shelley Manne, Ray
Brown on Contemporary
11. Pat Metheny Group-80/81-on ECM
12. McCoy Tyner-Inception on Impulse
13. Wes Montgomery-Movin' Wes-on Verve