Jazz music recommended

Im looking to explore more jazz..Love the more simple format of sax/bass/piano/drums,,you can throw guitar into the mix.I also prefer better recorded sessions..Who do you recommend
a tall order. its like opening pandora's box...start with the 'standard stash',including, but not limited to...dave bruebeck quartet(time out), bill evans trio(verve years), cannonball adderly quintet(capitol), stan getz(the bossa nova stuff)....get ready for a flood of recommendations
Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section

Miles Davis: Kind of Blue

Also go to allaboutjazz.com and look for lists of all-time best records.
This has been covered many times before, but I'll bite.

What Jaybo said plus John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Kenny Burrell, Ben Webster, Charles Mingus, Roland Kirk.

Basically look at the Miles Davis Quintets from the late 50s into early 60s, and follow all their members careers. It's the family tree! (An oversimplification, I know )Cheers,
Charlie Parker and John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman are obvious choices if you like sax
Thelonious Monk, Albert Ayler, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, Jackie Mclean, Eric Dolphy, Charles Mingus, Cecil Taylor, Pharoah Sanders, Lester Young, Archie Shepp, Mal Waldron, Marion Brown, McCoy Tyner, Louis Armstrong (duh), MIles Davis, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Charles Tolliver, Randy Weston, Sonny Sharrock, Anthony Braxton, Bill Dixon....how many more might you want? I might have to go look at my collection!
Sbank is right! You listen to a few cats here and there. This guy played with that guy whose also on so-and-so's album. Next thing you know, you have yourself a library. However, if you're looking for "the more simple format", I don't think Mingus is what you want.
Buy a few Ray Brown albums, Bill Evans (Waltz for Debbie), Chet Baker (Chet), Wes Montgomery, Stan Getz. Of course, no jazz collection is complete without Kind of Blue. Just don't go too late into Miles's carreer-stay away from the fusion stuff (Bitches Brew). That was my first jazz album ever and I hated it. I decided to give Miles another chance. My next album was Kind of Blue, and the rest as they say....
Kieth Jarrett, Tomasz Stanko, Bobo Stenson, Gene Ammons, Dave Holland, Herbie Hancock, Chet Baker, Tommy Flannagan... This might be a very long thread.
Im a newbie...but Art Blakey is great harp bop
You know what you should do, take a whole lot of CD's out from the library and decide what you really like. Then buy them.
If I were you, trying to get into a new genre, I'd take some of the names people provided here, plug them into Pandora, and see if you like what it spits out. Then you can use the "more of that"/"don't like that" feedback option to hone in on things. I've found Pandora to be an excellent tool to learn about new genres where I may know a couple artists I like, but about which I'm not terribly familiar.
"Incredible Journey" Mintzers Big Band..Great album...!
Stan Getz has quite a few CD's that have been remastered and fit the bill you describe such as "Cafe Montmartre" and "West Coast Jazz". Also a few on LP such as "Stan Getz Plays".

I doubt you will find these at a library. Take a chance a buy a few - you will not regret it!
Two by Dexter Gordon, Our Man in Paris & One Flight Up on Blue Note. Both are excellent recordings, especially OFU (although I understand the Cisco label has gone under their recent reissue is amazing if you can find it). Our Man features Bud Powell on the piano.
David Sanborn VOYEUR

UZEB you be easy

If you are feeling kinda risk'e check out Bill Brufords "ONE OF A KIND" the title says it all!!!
a few more names not mentioned:
lee morgan
wayne shorter
herbie hancock
dave brubek
freddie hubbard
One of my recent purchases fits your description perfectly: Mike Garson's "Jazz Hat." It's on the Reference Recording label, so you know it sounds good. And the material and performances are great. Happy Listening!
Bill Evans. Start with Waltz for Debbie. Also Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio.
gotta love Bill Evans

BTW I use Amazon as a listening library and the reader comments as another kind of family tree
I'm sure these have already made the list but here are my personal all-time top 5:
Miles Davis-In A Silent Way
Sonny Rollins-Saxophone Colossus
Grant Green-Idle Moments
Kenny Burrell-Midnight Blue
John Coltrane-A Love Supreme
You will also enjoy any CDs by the group "One for All".
Here is a classic progression to study: Louis Armstrong to Lester Young to Charlie Parker to Ornette Coleman to John Coltrane, and then all of them to (and from) Sun Ra.