Jazz LP's at Tower Records

Many of you may be aware that Tower Records is still selling vinyl LP's, but for those who are not, I thought you might like to know that Tower currently lists a large number of vinyl LP's, including almost 400 jazz LP's. For more info about all the LP's they offer, click on the following link:

Here's an additional link for the 22 "Original Jazz Classic" releases, selling for as little as $9.44 (many of the same ones being re-mastered and sold by Analogue Productions).

I recently bought 6 of the releases in the OJC series, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of both the vinyl and the sound.
Thanks for that. Here's another good link for sealed new and oop records. i've ordered from them with success.

Tower only selling LPs online or in the stores?
I purchased the LP's from the main Tower store in Seattle, which had about 150 jazz LP's available. I doubt that every Tower store will stock LP's, but most of the stores in major cities probably do. A quick call to the store will answer the question.