Jazz Lovers: Have You Heard This Awesome Piece?

It's "Directions in Music: Live at Massey Hall, Celebrating Miles Davis & John Coltrane"

Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, Roy Hargrove, with John Pitatucci and Brian Blade

Unbelievable! I don't know how I missed this recording but I'm so glad I came across it! It is possibly the best live jazz performance I ever listened to. The raw talent, musicianship, and creativity evokes such emotion that I bow down to this perfomance. I love Miles and Coltrane and this recording honors their legend and legacy in such a huge way. An excellent recording too. You better buy this one!!
That sounds like a real winner! I'm going to put that one on my list.

The recently released Neil Young concert recorded at Massey Hall in the early 70s is also incredible.

It seems so many of the live Carnegie Hall jazz recordings are outstanding, too. I recently heard a track from a friend's "Dave Brubeck Quartet at Carnegie Hall" CD, and I was astounded. I was so impressed that I searched for and bought a mint vinyl copy the same day.
Sorry about my spelling. In my original post it should say John Patitucci. By the way, Tvad, I have Neil Young at Massey Hall and you're right. In addition, I have to give credit to radioio.com jazz standards. That's where I heard a track from this recording and purchased the cd fast. (no space yet for a turntable)
Gotta check out that recording. I was fortunate to catch Herbie with the same basic ensemble live in early '07 (minus Patitucci). Thanks Foster_9 for the recommendation!
Thanks --always looking for great jazz that is recorded well --rich
yes, i actually was recommonding this the other day - a wonderful recording! I have my doubts that it'll show up on vinyl though - and too bad for it!
Foster 9,

Is the recording you are talking about on LP or cd?
Haven't heard this yet, but I love Brian Blade's playing. He has an excellent understanding of how to kick a song along in an economical manner. I saw him with Joshua Redman's Elastic Band back when that album was released.
Slowhand, I've been referring to the CD.