Jazz in San Francisco

I will be in San Francisco next weekend (Nov 7-10). Can anyone recommend a few nice spots for jazz? I will be staying at a hotel situated between the Financial District, the Moscone Convention Center, and Union Square. I will be getting around by taxi....so getting to Oakland is out of the question.


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check www.sfjazz.com
take the BART (bay area rapid transit system) to the east bay. not a biggy.
years ago was a club on university ave in berkeley, the matrix. had all the greats coming thru. kurt
Yoshi's in Oakland will have Dr. John playing 5-9th, and even better on the 10th at Yoshi's will be Conference call with Gebhard Ullman, this is a show not to be missed, it would be worth the trouble to get over to Oakland to see it, not to mention the fact that Yoshi's is considered to be one of the finest jazz clubs on the planet.
Yoshi. Best Jazz club in the Bay Area.
Third for Yoshi. But, look at the sfjazz link provided and watch the SF and San Jose paper when you come. There's myraid opportunities every weekend.
After you hear the good doctor at Yoshi's, go to 256 Columbus Ave. to the new recently reopened Pearl's. Great music, food & drink. If you're into trios, try to catch Frank Jackson.
Occasionally Biscuits & Blues in the Theatre district will get a good act. Call ahead and ask them.

Good listening,

Getting around the San Francisco Bay Area is not all that hard to do. While getting a Taxi in San Francisco is now much easier to do, understand that a round trip Bart ticket to Berkeley or Oakland is still cheaper.

One suggestion to getting a Taxi real quick in downtown San Francisco: Taxi stands are located in front of almost all of the major hotels. They are ususally waiting to a good paying run the the Airport and they will often drive right by someone standing on a corner with his arm up. Find the closest major hotel and you will be on your way.
From SFJazz:
Nancy Wilson at the Masonic on Sat. I haven't been to the Masonic but it's a short taxi from downtown.

Kitty Margolis at the Palace of the Legion of Honor on Sunday. Nice museum. Near Land's End on the other side of town. The venue must be intimate. I'd love to see her.

Excellent, modern venue. Table service. Eat there (very good Japanese food) and they'll save you a front row seat. I think I'd spring for a taxi, though, at least for the ride home. I'm not sure how close the BART station is but the neighborhood isn't good. An excellent idea would be a ferry from S.F. to Jack London Square. Yoshi's is adjacent to Jack London Square. Don't know the schedule, though.

Dress warm. Enjoy!