Jazz Guitar Tune At 6:48 P.M. On Weather Channel ?

I'll try one more time, the Weather Channel changed the play time to 6:48 P.M., maybe someone will be home to hear it ?
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Pat- You know if I had a tv, I would be paying attention but I can't help ya! If you find out what it is let me know, if its worth 2 different threads here, its at least worth a listen! How's the un-rotary project coming along? ;)
Why not shoot them an email at the Weather Channel?

is where they list the music they play on the weather channel
I did all the above, they say they're so busy they could not answer, PLUS the scheduled listings are not yet posted for last month (Sept.) and Oct., otherwise I wouldn't bother, so whoever's watching the Local On The 8's tune in at 6:48 P.M., that's the only time I heard it since it changed from my last post of 10:48 A.M. The contact number is #1-770-226-9338 in Marietta Ga., but I'm at work during the day, so......... Hi Tim, next spring the RX7 will go into motion with the 350. Yes I like the tune, sounds like Thom Rotella. ???
Rx8man, I will take a shot at this one. I do not know if we are thinking of the same tune, but Brian Hughes "The Beat" which was nicknamed "Weather Channel" could be the one you are hearing on the Weather Channel. It is on his "Shaken, Not Stirred" cd. The song got its nickname because it was played during the weather portion of the news years ago. Go to Amazon and get a sample of it. If this it it, I will warn you that within a month, you will have all of Brian Hughes cds. His music is that good. Check it out and let us know.
Thankyou Edulcesol, I almost lost hope, now I'm regaining it. I'm sure I WILL buy his other cd's based on this.
Well, thanks to the help of Eldulcesol, it WAS a Brian Hughes tune, turned out to be track 4 off his CD "Between Dusk and Dreaming" called "Promise You". I can't stop listening to it ! Many thanks again.