Jazz Grammy

Does anyone think Chick Corea's The Ultimate Adventure deserved the Grammy for Jazz Instrumental Album over Ornette Coleman's Sound Grammar, Kenny Garrett's Beyond The Wall or Sonny Rollins' Please?
The Jazz Grammy awards have never made the slightest sense to me. This year is no different.
the folks who vote, just vote. in many of the fringe catagories its just a check mark...no one listens...the oscars are the same.
I didn't know Sting ever won a jazz grammy....It's obvious if the voters ever gave Sting a Jazz grammy they have no idea who should excels in jazz. I mean he was just ok singing ballads... I'm an old Police/Sting fan, and think they were one of the greatest bands of all time but come on....It's just like those "smooth" jazz stations in many of our towns that play every type of r and b, and "elevator jazz" like kenny g, dave coz and david sanborn, and never play true jazz. I guess they consider classic jazz like Rollins, Coltrane and Miles to be "rough jazz" and therefore they're not allowed to play it on a "smooth jazz" station. The Grammy voters in the jazz category appear to be just as clueless.
Mahalo for the feedback.

Since I have all these CDs, I gave them a listen today.

If you're a RTF fan "The Ultimate Adventure" maybe your choice. IMO, the sound quality is way over compressed.

Of the other three, my vote would go to Kenny Garrett's Beyond The Wall, which explores new directions.
Sting did not win a grammy, he was nomiated for best jazz performance for the instrmental "Dream of the Blue Tureles" from his first solo album.