Jazz for someone who doesn't like jazz.

I've toyed with the idea of looking into jazz. Not sure why. Not sure what I'm looking for. Maybe just something to sound good on my system. I realize jazz is a broad category but much of what I hear I have not been attracted to. Don't ask me what I've heard.
What I'd like is a recommendation of two or three albums to start with. (I know that's insane)

And since I've given next to nothing to go on I'll point out a few things that I do like that might help narrow it down some maybe.

Jazz-like stuff I do like: Steely Dan. Almost all of their stuff. Van Morrison's jazz influenced stuff like Astral Weeks.
I like blues. Delta and hill country hard core blues.

I like a wide variety of rock from heavy metal, to prog rock to classic R&B.
Does any of that help? I know this is a crazy request but if I could get some recommendations I'll at least have somewhere to start. Not looking for specific recordings yet. Just content. When I find what I like I'll research the best recordings.
Thanks for any possible advice.

As an example, Melos (the track, also the album name) by Vassilis Tsabropoulos - a Greek Pianist, Anja Lechner - a German cellist, and U.T. Gandhi - an Italian percussionist just spun up via Roon Radio. 

It's a Decca / ECM label. It's also one of two of Vassilis' albums I have in my library. The other being Achirana, with John Marshall (British) on drums and Arild Andersen (Norwegian) on double bass. 

Both are gorgeous works, for me. 
Follow up from the OP (me). It has been nearly a year since my last post in this thread.

During the following months I had pretty much given up on jazz. Just wasn't going back to it much other than Branford Marsalis' album "Eternal" on Sunday mornings from time to time.

I still don't listen to a lot of jazz and when I do it is not a wide variety. But in the last few months I do find myself going back to Kind of Blue, A Love Supreme (still challenging) and Art Blakey's Moanin'.

Kind of Blue makes sense to me now and I'm listening to it fairly often.

One of the reasons that I'm still hanging on could be that I'm learning to play drums (slowly, painfully) and jazz drumming interests me. It is way beyond me and I don't see me becoming proficient but it is intriguing and I'll probably continue to study it. (I can play through Blakey's Moanin' but it is very simple).

Anyway, just thought I'd provide the update. Can't say I'm hooked on jazz but it hasn't let me go yet either.
If Kind of Blue "makes sense " to you, now, perhaps you might explore other late 50's recordings by Cannonball, Coltrane, Miles and B. Evans.

Just bear in mind that Kind of Blue is an unusual album-- not only because it emerged at a point when improvisation based upon show tunes and chord-changes was about to shift over to a greater focus upon  more open-ended structures and scalar improvisation but also because of its incredibly broad and enduring appeal. It's fairly unique as an art-work.

In order to make suggestions, it would be helpful to know what aspects of K. of B. you most enjoy... after all, there's quite a stylistic distance from,  say, "Freddie Freeloader" to "Flamenco Sketches". Are you drawn more to the more brash, earthy, Bluesy side of the spectrum or the more introspective, mellow, ethereal, side? ? ? 


kenny burrell's guitar forms would be worth consideration as well, if kind of blue is clicking