Jazz for someone who doesn't like jazz.

I've toyed with the idea of looking into jazz. Not sure why. Not sure what I'm looking for. Maybe just something to sound good on my system. I realize jazz is a broad category but much of what I hear I have not been attracted to. Don't ask me what I've heard.
What I'd like is a recommendation of two or three albums to start with. (I know that's insane)

And since I've given next to nothing to go on I'll point out a few things that I do like that might help narrow it down some maybe.

Jazz-like stuff I do like: Steely Dan. Almost all of their stuff. Van Morrison's jazz influenced stuff like Astral Weeks.
I like blues. Delta and hill country hard core blues.

I like a wide variety of rock from heavy metal, to prog rock to classic R&B.
Does any of that help? I know this is a crazy request but if I could get some recommendations I'll at least have somewhere to start. Not looking for specific recordings yet. Just content. When I find what I like I'll research the best recordings.
Thanks for any possible advice.

@n80. Excellent suggestions above. I see you are near Charlotte. I live in Columbia and have lots of the above recommendations on vinyl. You are more than welcome to come listen. Also, go to the jazz event you mentioned. You can’t go wrong with that. Those type of events are special. My journey to jazz started with being raised on the Beatles and Motown, then digging British and 70s rock, prog, blues, fusion, singer/songwriters, then discovering real jazz and the masters. Still listen to it all. Music is a great lifestyle!
Try the Rippingtons....St. JamesClub....They have a lot of others
Yes Steely Dan is superb.

With out a doubt John Mayall "Jazz Blues Fusion" well recorded live album on vinyl and CD.

Also look into Spyro Gyra.
George Benson smooth jazz sounds.

I’m also new to Jazz and have been doing a lot of research and listening on YouTube in order to help me decide which albums to buy. Like many others, I started with Miles Davis- Kind of Blue, my mom turned me onto Ramsey Lewis- Wade in the Water as a young boy which I love along with his “The In Crowd” album. Here are some that I’ve picked up that I really dig:

Stanley Turrentine- Hustlin’
Charles Mingus- Blues and Roots
Cannonball Adderly- Somethin’ Else
Kenny Burrell- Midnight Blue
Herbie Hancock- Headhunter

i highly recommend all of these as great starters! Here’s a good video listing other great starter albums for someone’s Jazz Collection.
Happy Listening!


Well I love me some Danny Gatton but he is not a classical Jazz geetar player but is influenced by Jazz.  Best guitar player I have ever met.  Crusin' Dueces is the first to listen to if you are a geetar player for sure.

If you are looking for something that is blues/jazz/rock/soul influenced then it is Ronnie Earl time.  This is not even close to Miles sounding. Ronnie is a fantastic blues geetar player with jazz influences.  One of the best to see live also.

First the Colour of Love you should listen to first.

Then you can wiki his CDs and for from there.

Let us know what you think after you listen to all of the recommendation to see what you prefer and then we can all offer better suggestions for you.

Happy Listening.