Jazz for aficionados

Jazz for aficionados

I'm going to review records in my collection, and you'll be able to decide if they're worthy of your collection. These records are what I consider "must haves" for any jazz aficionado, and would be found in their collections. I wont review any record that's not on CD, nor will I review any record if the CD is markedly inferior. Fortunately, I only found 1 case where the CD was markedly inferior to the record.

Our first album is "Moanin" by Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers. We have Lee Morgan , trumpet; Benney Golson, tenor sax; Bobby Timmons, piano; Jymie merrit, bass; Art Blakey, drums.

The title tune "Moanin" is by Bobby Timmons, it conveys the emotion of the title like no other tune I've ever heard, even better than any words could ever convey. This music pictures a person whose down to his last nickel, and all he can do is "moan".

"Along Came Betty" is a tune by Benny Golson, it reminds me of a Betty I once knew. She was gorgeous with a jazzy personality, and she moved smooth and easy, just like this tune. Somebody find me a time machine! Maybe you knew a Betty.

While the rest of the music is just fine, those are my favorite tunes. Why don't you share your, "must have" jazz albums with us.

Enjoy the music.
Great stuff acman3, thanks.  

Keegiam, thanks, but no need to compare.  I have been exposed to a lot of great stuff and learn a lot from you guys/lady.  
As in acman3’s clips, Elvin Jones’ was one of my favorite piano-less bands.  Not too many horn players that can play credibly without a harmony instrument behind them.  One more with both Grossman and the great Dave Liebman.  With piano this time, but one of my favorite Elvin Jones records from that era.  
Liebman on soprano and Grossman on tenor:


Grossman on tenor (no piano):


Liebman on tenor (no piano):


Astounding soprano playing by Liebman.  Wayne Shorter, not too shabby either 😊:


Great stuff acman3, thanks.  One of my favorite piano-less bands.  This one with the great Dave Liebman.  One more with Liebman and Gorssman.  With piano this time, but one of my favorite Elvin Jones records from that era.  Liebman on soprano and Grossman on tenor:

Frogman, fantastic Grossman clips, thanks! At least I’ve known about him for ages, unlike Berg. I appreciate your never-ending willingness to share great stuff with members here. I would say the “educational” balance is: gain for JFA members +95%, gain for Frogman +5%.

Two different reactions:

  • In all five clips, Grossman’s playing is seductive and frenetic at the same time. Not an easy feat. It begs the question as to the balance between drugs and sheer creativity. How many music giants were deeply into drugs? What is in there? We’ll never really know.
  • Because Grossman stays in the lower octaves (and “husky”), I find him more listenable than Coltrane when he went on his screeching journeys. Love JC of course, but I can’t listen to some of it. My aversion to frenzied soprano or alto (and preference for rich tenor) has/have become more pronounced as I’ve aged. Then again, I’ve always been turned off by ear-piercing upper-fret electric guitar “noodling.” I figured my sensitivity to high frequencies would wane as I got older. Not yet.
Keegiam, I did catch the Berg interview. In fact, I had written a response with clips and the iPad gremlins struck again. It lost it before posting. Let me try again.

Great interview. One of the striking things about it for me was his comments showing how wide and varied his tastes in music are. Most musicians don’t dwell much on what genre the music is and more on the ways that all genres are intertwined. Berg loved Barton’s harmonic language and Sinatra’s phrasing. Thanks for the clip.

Another great tenor player and who was the father of the post-Coltrane style of tenor playing that would influence players like Berg was Steve Grossman. Played with Miles at age 18 (!) and had a troubled personal life with a career long drug addiction. He spent many years in Europe and his records seem to stay under the radar. His sound a lot changed over the years, going from a Trane inspired sound to a softer more traditional one.  It wasn’t as fully developed a sound as Berg’s, but had ideas that were, arguably, even more interesting than Berg’s.






I do appreciate your intense observation of them - very Thoreau.
It’s rewarding. They let you see the sides one cannot see easily. Like with humans. You see some things only when you come very close.

George Benson

Of course nature must have balance, so we also have our share of cats.  They hang out under the bird baths.  Everyone has to eat.
Nooooo :---) Not birds! :--))

Thanks Frogman, yes I have a Louis Jordan collection.  Fun stuff - lots of boogie in those four clips.  Laissez les bon temps rouler!

I hope you caught the Bob Berg interview I posted a few days ago.
Good stuff, Keegiam. Rewind about a decade (!) from Big Joe Turner’s “Shake Rattle and Roll”. The roots of R&R go even further back.




One more - fast forward about 20 years to Count Basie and Big Joe Turner.

"Shake, Rattle 'n Roll" again (1954), but with some great old dance scenes (segregated of course).  SQ is better.

Fast forward about 20 years: Count Basie & Big Joe Turner.  Be sure to check out those subtle guitar licks.

It's so much fun to go on a YouTube journey for a few hours.  Jump blues.

Big Joe Turner "Shake Rattle and Roll" (1954).https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhELpSeeipg

But Elvis invented rock 'n roll, right?
Likely posted before, but I'm a relative newbie.

Kenny Barron Trio "Minor Blues."
Johnny Griffin - "Blues for Harvey" (1973).  Not top notch but it swings.

MJ, that's a gorgeous Golson number.  Love his tone on that one.

Yes, I read every word about the pigeons.  The ones that show up for you are there because they eat just fine every day.  Don't fret.  Despite all of our destruction, mankind has created a very nice habitat for urban/suburban birds.  Lots of food, very few predators.

I do appreciate your intense observation of them - very Thoreau.
Nice Golson:

I watch and listen to birds and squirrels most days.   We have several bird baths in our yard.  We have a large group of Blue Jays and a sizable number of Cardinals and many many pigeons.  At dusk, the pigeons start cooing.  They can keep it up for hours.

Of course nature must have balance, so we also have our share of cats.   They hang out under the bird baths.   Everyone has to eat.

Birdland   --  Quincy Jones


Birds update.
After spending some time with friendly and smart crows and after unsuccessful attempt to befriend with sea gulls, I met the gang who really appreciated my company. Pigeons.

I spent several days with them and it happened what I was afraid it would happen. I miss them. Most of all, I am afraid that they would miss me, meaning all kinds of seeds that I was bringing to them. Damn, now I will have to visit them more often.

I am not sure that I needed this.

However, if I ignore my emotional issues, I must say that I fully enjoyed taking photos of them, observing them, watching them fighting, talking to each other, seducing (!) by doing love dance, etc, etc...

It’s like entering the whole new little world full of life. Life that happens each day in front of our noses and we barely notice it since we are caught up in our daily duties and worries.

They give so much but ask so little. Animals of all kind.

Benny Golson ~ Lullaby of Birdland

ac, "Seven minds", soooo crazy!

:thumbs up:
Love that one "my man’s gone now" by Bill. 
And many more!
Who sings this song? I can't open the link!

Today’s Listen:

Various Artists -- THE 25 BEST JAZZ TUNES OF 1961

2CD Box from Chrome Dreams. My experience is that they do good work. Based in the U.K.

The Box I have is not on YT, but these are cuts from disc one of the 2CD set. Picture of Jean Seberg on the cover. Not sure as to why.

where flamingos fly -- Gil Evans

uh huh -- Hank Mobley

unsquare dance -- Dave Brubeck

three for the festival -- Roland Kirk

my man’s gone now -- Bill Evans Trio

And many more!

Re: Bob Berg.  Finally caught up with all the clips posted over the last week.  Lots of listening and reading tonight.  I'm astounded by two things: his playing and how I've skated through the jazz world for so many years without knowing him.  Whew, thanks!

For Pete's sake, I saw Joe Locke in London BEFORE he recorded with Berg, and I'm very familiar with DeFrancesco.  It appears neither is anywhere near the giant Berg was.  Not to mention he was with Miles for 3 years (and Corea too).  This is downright embarrassing, but better late than never.

Especially love "Snakes," "Neptune" and "Bolivia" (the latter with Cedar Walton). 

Rather than share other Bob Berg music I found tonight, I'll add this 1998 interview "Five of my Favorite Recordings."  Very cool.


Post removed 
Don't laugh. Not everyone knows the atmosphere is 78% nitrogen. Just like hardly anyone knows the number one greenhouse gas is water vapor. Or that CO2 is a trace element measured in ppm. And even then, less today than at any time in the entire geologic history of the planet. Which includes the Cambrian, when it was 40 times greater, and that era is called the Cambrian Explosion, the greatest period of new species creation ever. Yet look around how many are so ignorant of reality they think we should be afraid of it. 

No, I would not be too quick to laugh at the car dealer. He just looks around, sees how gullible and scientifically illiterate the average person is, and does what comes naturally. 
My local Ford dealer treats all his customers as if they are audiophiles. He charges about 300 dollars extra for filling the tires of his NEW cars with pure Nitrogen.
It cost me thirty bucks in Canada to fill my Toyota with nitrogen.... 😁😊

Ok i apologize for my astonishing surprize and post, i will go back to "impressions of a patch of blue" a great Dickerson album indeed...
Tires and Audiophiles:

My local Ford dealer treats all his customers as if they are audiophiles.  He charges about 300 dollars extra for filling the tires of his NEW cars with pure Nitrogen.  Me, being sort of slow asked, Why?  They said the nitrogen molecules  were larger, and therefore could not 'seep' out thru the tire over time.

I wanted to ask, what if I have a flat, do you refill it with Nitrogen?
I wanted to ask, how do you drain all the air out of your new inventory?
I wanted to ask, isn't the air 70% Nitrogen?

Instead, struggling to keep a straight face,  I asked, do you want to sell this car, or not.  They did, so I got the Nitrogen 'Free'.  :) Car dealers and their sales people always assume their customers are audiophiles.

And Benny is great.
Well, that was certainly wild life...:--)
Re. tires...have even 'worst' story...back in 2004. I think, Bmw introduced the 'run flat tire', meaning, you could not have puncture.
To achive that, they demanded that tire manufacturers make special tires for them, that had very sturdy side profiles, so even with puncture and no air in it you could still drive.
Needless to say, that solution is in sharp contrast with their 'ultimate driving machine' slogan.
So, for couple times (in days when was young and foolish) I would make some inicial miles with those tires and than would change them for 'ordinary' ones....with a 'catch'....
 Bmw had no spare tire (obviously) so I needed to buy a reserve wheel and the tire for it and keep it in trunk which had no designed place for it (again,obviously) 
The two door cars that I drove at the time had little space in a trunk anyhow, but, what' s a little 'sacrifice' when 'perfromance' is in question? 

Speaking of P.T. Barnum and cabl...I mean, car tires:

Got a 2020 Subaru Outback Onyx eighteen months ago. Needed something for the brutal snow and ice we get on rough roads in upstate NY. Did OK two winters ago with the stock all-season tires; I was a little underwhelmed given the rep. This Winter I put good snow tires on it. Unbelievable difference. Goes through anything. It’s a beast! .......I swear the tires did even better after a few miles of “break in” 😊

A couple of recordings with Bob Berg. Possibly new for you....

Jazz Times Super Band

Time Warp - Chick Corea

I thought I didn't like soprano sax.  Berg's playing here makes me reconsider.  I enjoy his oboe-like tone.
Just had a thought reading a new thread.  I've joked a few times about JFA costing me a lot because I'm buying so much more music.

Let me emphasize that I was indeed joking.  Forums about gear have cost me way more!  I don't even notice the $$ going out for buying music and am enjoying it very much.  Thanks to all of you.
I may have told this story before, seems to bear repeating.

Man buys a 5 million dollar European Super Car.   As he is writing the 5 Million Dollar check and getting the key Fobs to his long lusted after treasure, the salesman says, "the first thing you need to do, is to go buy some decent tires for this car, so it will perform at it's best."  ---

What's P.T. Barnum got to do with it??

Paul, I live in small appartment buliding (4 floors), installed new electric lines, one is only for my hi fi.
Messured voltage, it does not oscilate
Used power conditioner as well (Runnning Springs Dmitri) , had gear with its own 'filtration' (Krell Evo 302) and still, always heard the difference in sound when I would put a different power cord on any piece of my equipment.

There is everlasting discussion between 'believers' and the ones who are saying that that is impossible, so I would not go into that, my advice is just to try some aftermarket power cord and hear for yourself.

If you do not hear any changes, good for you, you will save money, time and potentially nerves...
If you do, than it could take some time to find the one that is 'best' for your gear and your perceived character of music presentation.

In my humble experience, the power cords influence the sound as much as other cables and obviously the cable producers have found the way so that their power cord have the same sound characteristcs  as the rest of their wire products, at least the couple major brands whose cables I have used (Cardas, Nordost)
 I have also tryed cables from the Shunyata, Ps Audio, Audio Note Kondo, Jorma and few others...strange way to spend the time, I know....

To make things 'worst' (for wallet) its usually the products from the very top of their offerings that 'sounds' the best, the rest were not so satisfactory, even if they were much better than stock cables that you get with the gear. (perhaps the only exception was the 20A stock cord that comes with Krell amp)

Anyway, you guys have 'Cable co' so its much easier for you to try, I have to ask any friend (and some friendly dealers) I got to try their cables....

But, somebody could suspect that this is audiphile site, so back to the music...

Two albums that I got recently.....Benny Golson 'Free' and 'Turning point' from 1962.



Frogman, that's another good point.  I had my tonearm rewired (one straight Cardas strand "shotgun" to preamp) and bought a new cartridge at the same time.  I'll never be sure how each change contributes to the improvements.  BTW, still plan to go back and listen to the Bob Berg tracks - last week was nuts (and bolts?).

pjw, thanks for keeping us apprised.  This seems to be of great interest to many of us here.
Pjw, good luck with new cables. Keep in mind that having changed both ICs and speaker cables at the same time, you won’t know which of the two, or if both, are responsible for the changes in the sound. That is the reason to, whenever possible, change only one thing at a time. Keep us posted.

I don't know if you live in an apartment building or house.

I live in a house and have a 100 amp service in the basement just to the left (south wall) of my system which is on the west wall. I have installed dedicated outlets for my 2 subwoofers and my AVR and Amplifier. the feeds to these outlets I used approximately 15 feet of 10/3 (10 gauge single strand) for both receptacles I then ran straight to my 100 amp service panel into two 20 amp circuit breakers.

I do not think I need any power conditioners or power cables reason being I am not in an apartment complex where there are thousands of feet of wire running to all sorts of outlets and switches and fixtures before reaching your system receptacles.
frogman and ghosthouse

 As per your suggestions I have hooked up my new IC's and speaker cables. I will just leave them in for a few weeks break in period and then switch back to old and listen. I will do album by album as well.

Again same source disc and transports will be used.

@ Joe Gueron

I hope you like some of these talented artists and you will further explore their work.
I will definitely check out the artists you mentioned. Thanks for posting.
**** Every time these babes put moves on my man Wynton, he starts to forget his nuts and bolts ****

I bet he thinks about nothing else........Oh, wait!......AND BOLTS!   Never mind 😉.
If you like Jazz you may enjoy discovering some great Jazz from Japan from the 70's and  later. For instance the Isao Suzuki Trio  playing "Aqua Marine"  Isao is an extraordinary Bassist.  Another one was the Jazz pianist/composer Mesabumi Kikuchi listen to him delivering "Drizzling Rain" with Gil Evans. Last but not least you may want to discover the talented Sromu Yamsh'ta an extraordinasry percussionist/composer/  playing his composition "Compassion" will bring the best of your system!

To listen to some of the above tracks and more you could stream from Mixcloud

I hope you like some of these talented artists and you will further explore their work.

Joe Gueron
Falls Church, VA
I don't remember if I posted this before, if I did, so what,  we need to see / hear it again.


Every time these babes put moves on my man Wynton, he starts to forget his nuts & bolts.

Sonny Rollins, Saxaphone Colossus, SR & the Texas Twisters, Mingus, Sarah Vaughn, Mac Rebennack. 
That's great. I imagine I am in a bar. The light is low, music is on, she hits just the right note...
My vote too goes for longer listening. Sometimes the difference might be obvious (usually when something is not 'right' ) but sometimes it took me days to clearly undersatand the overall influence on sound with some cables.
Also, sometimes changing cables required some slight repositioning of speakers (inches can make the world of difference)
In fact, the relation between room and speakers and their position might be more substantial then the choice of equimpment (if you mess thing up)
But, IC cables are simple task....wait untill you start listening powercables..,

Some music, some blues....just got this album today....great sound as well

Billie Poole 'Confessin the blues' with K.Burrell and Junior Mance, from 1963.