Jazz for aficionados

Jazz for aficionados

I'm going to review records in my collection, and you'll be able to decide if they're worthy of your collection. These records are what I consider "must haves" for any jazz aficionado, and would be found in their collections. I wont review any record that's not on CD, nor will I review any record if the CD is markedly inferior. Fortunately, I only found 1 case where the CD was markedly inferior to the record.

Our first album is "Moanin" by Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers. We have Lee Morgan , trumpet; Benney Golson, tenor sax; Bobby Timmons, piano; Jymie merrit, bass; Art Blakey, drums.

The title tune "Moanin" is by Bobby Timmons, it conveys the emotion of the title like no other tune I've ever heard, even better than any words could ever convey. This music pictures a person whose down to his last nickel, and all he can do is "moan".

"Along Came Betty" is a tune by Benny Golson, it reminds me of a Betty I once knew. She was gorgeous with a jazzy personality, and she moved smooth and easy, just like this tune. Somebody find me a time machine! Maybe you knew a Betty.

While the rest of the music is just fine, those are my favorite tunes. Why don't you share your, "must have" jazz albums with us.

Enjoy the music.

Rok, I think you have this spectacular CD by Dinah Washington; it's "Dinah Jams"

I've told this story so many times that you would think that I actually saw Dinah perform, but I was a teenager and too young to go to nightclubs at that time; never the less, just being in the vicinity of "The Queen" is something worth recalling, especially now.

I was walking down Cottage Grove on the South Side one afternoon, when I saw a crowd of people around an automobile. This was in 56, and no one had ever seen this particular model of automobile. It just happened to be Dinah Washington's car, but even if it had been my car, people would have still been crowded around it, the car was just that out of sight; a new Lincoln Continental Mark with the built in spare on the trunk; it was the most expensive US automobile made at that time.

The car was parked in front of the Pershing Lounge, where Ahmad Jamal led the house band, and she probably just stopped in with friends for a cocktail, or maybe was conducting business with the management, who knows? When you add all of those things together, you can see just how fantastic that moment was, and well worth recalling now that I'm listening to a new record by Dinah.

It's so unfortunate that she died from a pill reaction, not a pill overdose, when her chaotic life had finally settled down to perfection; she was with her last husband who was also her perfect mate when death struck.

As Fats Waller said, "One never knows, do one?
My introduction to Dinah Washington was through the records she made with Brooke Benton.   I love to hear her say, "one more time Brooke". :)

Found her again later when I got into Jazz.  Very good singer who is blessed with a unique voice.   Instant recognition..