Jazz for aficionados

Jazz for aficionados

I'm going to review records in my collection, and you'll be able to decide if they're worthy of your collection. These records are what I consider "must haves" for any jazz aficionado, and would be found in their collections. I wont review any record that's not on CD, nor will I review any record if the CD is markedly inferior. Fortunately, I only found 1 case where the CD was markedly inferior to the record.

Our first album is "Moanin" by Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers. We have Lee Morgan , trumpet; Benney Golson, tenor sax; Bobby Timmons, piano; Jymie merrit, bass; Art Blakey, drums.

The title tune "Moanin" is by Bobby Timmons, it conveys the emotion of the title like no other tune I've ever heard, even better than any words could ever convey. This music pictures a person whose down to his last nickel, and all he can do is "moan".

"Along Came Betty" is a tune by Benny Golson, it reminds me of a Betty I once knew. She was gorgeous with a jazzy personality, and she moved smooth and easy, just like this tune. Somebody find me a time machine! Maybe you knew a Betty.

While the rest of the music is just fine, those are my favorite tunes. Why don't you share your, "must have" jazz albums with us.

Enjoy the music.

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Rok, you and reality are total strangers.
Thank YOU Acman3 !
You made an old mans day, literally beautiful beyond words.
Brought tears to my eyes.
Thanks guys, confirms what I thought.
Namely, that I downgrade performers more than most if I don't like their persona.
I won't even listen to Wagner because I loathe him as a person.
Frogman, you left out just plain stupid.
Thanks Frog, two of the best guys on here make my day on the same day. God is good.
Map, whatever you say, it's your world I just live in it.
Merry Christmas !
102 K for someone who worked harder and longer to prefect their craft than the average doc or dentist is not a lot of money. A simple middle-class home in Twin Cities is 300-400 K.
Minnesota is one of greatest bands in the world, to play there you are like the Doc's at another Minnesota icon, the Mayo Clinic, the best of the best.
I hear you on Julie London Foster 9, beyond doubt the best american female ballad singer.
But she had little confidence in her own talent and sang what her producers put in front of her.
The few recordings she made of real upbeat hard-core jazz songs, showed her to be every bit as good at that as well.
She really did, I've read dozens of her friends and colleagues and saying this.
Also, they all said she was as nice a person as they ever met and it was not the usual false praise of the dead.
She also gave great amount of money to Child Charaties, just a great human being.
If you are guilty of malice than costs one child his life
it is better if you were never born if you are the greatest artist who ever lived or ever will . Wagner has the blood
of millions of them on his hands.
To justify him by his artistic greatness is sick.
Not so, I'd rather NEVER see a Doctor than not hear Classical
Music Live, I am positive I would have been dead in both body and soul long ago without it.

Most people have a year or two at the job 20 times in a row.

Minnesota SO received RAVE rewiews in Europe , London Times called it the best in the world, which before its strike it was and will be again.

If anything I understated my case in 1st post.Music is God's greatest gift to man, save his son, and Classical Music is the acme of it, the pinnacle of Western Civilazation, and is so considered in every corner of the world.

Coming from abject poverty in the very bowels of the working class myself, no one is more aware of the great evil inherent in the huge inequity in income in the USA.
Classical musicians fight it by producing beauty , without which there is no hope, that the poorest person can readily access by turning on the radio.
Rok2id, Reading you post again, I can not but agree the comparison between a bassoon player and a Doctor is ludicrous,the bassoonist is much more important.
Just so, Frog, not to mention a good bassoonist is much harder to find than a competent Doc.
More thoughts . Germany, having learned that hate and militarism is for fools,is now perhaps the sanest of the large States.
In Germany a HS teacher makes 2/3 of what Docs do and has has more social prestige.
Any player in the Berlin Phil has more prestige than either.
The conductor is a half-step below God.
In Leipzig during the last stages of the GDR, Kurt Masur was God.
He walked the streets alone , telling people to be calm and non-violent, no one else could have done it. To this day a hallowed figure in eastern Germany.
Rok2 Kid, since I was there and you were not ,how do you know?
In reality , many were murderous gangs , Armed mobs was a polite term.
Rok, no doubt much of what I say is nonsense to be sure.
I'ts clear I've not been blessed with your mental acuity.

But the one thing I've never been accused of is not paying attention .
Rok, glad you post you ravings on here,a fool like you would be dangerous in real time.
Jazz is musicians music.
I knew some big time jazzman once upon a time, most had little money.Audience was simply not there in USA, most what they did make was in Europe according to Paul Bley.
Every study I've seen shows Jazz AND Classical combined are listened to by 2% of American Public.
Of course thats 6 million souls.
I'm lucky , the college where I live has a Jazz Studies program that Downbeat has rated #1 in US 3-4 times.
Has 3 big bands and numerous ensembles giving free to cheap concerts many times from Sept to Mat + visiting artists etc.
I believe about 300 majors . Decent classical and vocal concerts as well.
A mini Indiana.
What do you two musicians think of my fav ensemble,Musica Antiqua Koln ?
Yes, they disbanded in 2007, but still out there on Archiv.
Heavy on Bach and Telemann but about anyone in 17-18th Century.
I heard Herman Baumann play a Mozart Concerto on natural horn with the Berlin Radio Orch. , seemed almost a super-human feat to me.Beautiful beyond description.
Some people have too much money and use too much of the resoures, think about that .
Easy, I know Wagner is a composer of genius, would never dispute that.
I still loathe him and his music.
There is no law you need to be consistent .
I have a ticket to Sonnerberg's Concert at the Minnesota Beethoven Festival in two weeks. I'll tell her the greatest American critic is worried about her career at the meet and greet.
Gives new meaning to dumb as a stone.
Frogman, I was called for jury duty in Cook County once, the DA struck me off because I had an advanced degree in history.
To say Ravel would be unknown save for "Bolero",disqualifies
whoever said it comments from ANY serious consideration whatsoever on the subject of classical music.
Frogman, why do you waste your time and effort to even bother with such a complete fool ?
Frogman, in theology there is a term"invincible ignorance" ,where it is considered a tad sinful to waste your efforts on those who have made it clear there is no way
short of divine interventation.
Since they are all dead I imagine they don't much care.
I have read , and believe, that no human alive who grew up on TV has a brain with the capacity to concentrate on the level of a Mozart.
Learsfool, you hear music through the ears of a musician, I through the ears of a listener.
Both states have their advantages and disadvantages.
Frog, I just found an Ike Quebec record at Goodwill.
He sounds pretty good to me.
Frogman, I grew up on a farm 5 miles from Quebec border, I know how to pronounce it -LOL.
I thought he was great on slow stuff myself even knowing as little as I do about jazz.
He must have been a hell of a musician to arrange on Blue Note !
Ok, he wrote it in his head and then wrote it out.
I would not believe any human who said "nobody" in any context .

One about there can be no dispute is Schubert.
There are testament after testament of him leaving the room
and coming back 10 minutes later with a Masterwork Lieder in hand.If Beethoven had died at the same age we would have
his 1st Sympohony. Schubert did 9 and trios, quartets, quintets,sonatas and Masses as fine as any written.
Not to mention the heart of him, 700 + lieder .
The best teacher in Vienna at the time said of the 9 year old Schubert , every thing I teach him he already knows, I learn more from him than he from me. "God is his teacher" .

Schubert did say it just came to him,my only point is there are a dozen or so outliers in human history for whom there is no explanation save divine intervention.
WEll said Frogman, when all is said and done, the only way you can make somebody "big" is to make yourself small.
As Mozart said, the music comes from God, I just write it dowm .
Frog," upon reflection" ,my answer is most of us do not become anywhere near as good as we can be so we make others better than they are as a projective compensation.
If you don't look death square in the face without blinking on a daily basis you will conserve your energy as if you will need it for your 150th birthday bash.
There is no day but this day, no minute but this minute.
I agree with you totally Learsfool and have said so many times. I referred to Mozart only. Yes, "Amadeus" was a wretched movie but I read Mozart's comment many times in both English and German long before that.
Look at a uhr Mozart score in Salzburg, there are no corrections on great scores that were written in 15 minutes.

A long career is a choice you make but not the only choice available.
How very beautiful Orpheus 10.
Reminds me of partner dancing in the USA before the plague of rock and individual exhibitionism struck.

Not that the music was ever that good or dancing that skilled.
Save, Fred A. of course, he did what he did better than anyone I ever saw do what they do.
Frogman, My favorite composers are Bach, Mozart, Schubert and Brahms.
IMO. and it is essentially a mystical one , is that
Bach and Mozart, while not egoists, did have one.
Schubert was the very soul of humility , God was able to use him as a direct instrument. Perhaps only Bruckner rivals Schubert in that regard.
Bach and Mozart were infused by him.
Brahms agrees with me.
Amen Orpheus, after I saw the Robert Duval tango flick I am in love with Tango. Rock dancing is anti-romantic .
I'm planning a Trip to Argentina in Feb., no jet lag for us old folks and better Feb weather than Minnesota.
Orpheus10, the Ike Quebec LP i scored at Goodwill is "With A Song IN My Heart", Blue Note Classics LT-1052 , a 1962 Rudy Van Gelder production.
It must have been near his last, if not his last, recording.
It is the best Jazz LP I have ever heard, both in sound and performance. My copy appears unused, in any event not a tick or pop on it !
I paid $1.50 for it, it would have been a bargain at 50 bucks.
Good story before I forget{again}.
Years ago I saw the talented country banjo and guitar player, Roy Clark, best known as the host on the long-running TV show "Hee-Haw" and member of the County Hall Of Fame appear on a late-night show, I disremember which.

Roy had had a drink or seven and it showed, the host brought
up that Roy trained as a Classical and Jazz guitarist and asked Roy why he was now a country player.
Roy said, " because it pays better and you have to be real good to play off-tune all the time'.
Every thing good in USA started either in New York or Minnesota.
Though I like jazz, I don't listen to it much because at my age I'm concentrating on spiritualy uplifting music in hopes I can stay out of hell .
That said, since I moved to the Twin Cities I've been keeping my car radio on the local Jazz station ,Jazz 88.
Yesterday I heard Kurt Elling singing "Higer Vibe" off his "Man in The Air " CD.
I damn near had to pull over, it is a towering masterpiece worthy of a standing by J.S. Bach, something I NEVER thought would come out of my mouth.
I have 4 other Elling CD's as IMO he is a force of nature, someone like Johnny Cash, who you just have to listen too even if you're not into his genre. But "Higher Vibe" is on a whole other level.
Since most of the brains hang around this post does anyone know of a Triangle speaker dealer?
Frogman's little toe knows more about Jazz than I ever will, but as an outsider it seems jazz has ever greater players and a ever decreasing audience in the USA as a whole.
Minneapolis is among the most progressive of all American cities, believe it or not. the 24/7 jazz station here is owned by the Mpls. School Board.
Listening, its obviously an attempt to further the cause of jazz to the young black population of N. Mpls, I would guess as a counterpoint to hip-hop etc.
From what I can gather not having much luck.
From your mouth to God's ear, Frogman.
Happy Christmas All !
Maybe you jazzmen can help me out.
You are full of it comments are welcome.

I never liked to listen to Sinatra because it seemed to me that the band was always trying to keep up with him, as if it was their duty to pay homage to the King.
Not to mention I didn't much care for his voice.

I always loved to listen to Mel Torme because, to my ears, he sang like one of the instruments in the band, going so far as sing the overtones of an instrument in perfect pitch and time, something I never heard from anyone else.
To me Mel was a great artist, Frank a bad joke.
Honest comments will be appreciated,if I'm delusional say so.
Alexatpos, what you say is so 99% of the time .
My refusal to listen to Wagner stems from being a serious student of German history and is shared by not a few Germans.He is the only composer I will not listen too.

Only actor I can not bear to watch is John Wayne, he was a draft dodger himself who I know, fact certain, played a large role in the deaths of untold numbers by glorifying war. I'm not the only combat vet he thinks so.
There are things that are beyond the pale.
Tubegroover, your last paragraph is as true as true gets and EXACTLY why I dislike him.
Chasing the American Dream makes the American Nightmare.

P. S I don't have to imagine the Paramount in the 40's, I was in it then.