Jazz drum music recommendations?

A friend of mine is looking for some good jazz drum music and drummer recommendations. Anyone?


Buddy Rich. IMHO, simply the best drummer to ever live. I don't know if his stuff has been coverted to CD. A google search for a "Buddy Rich discography" should yield good results.
I'll add just one too like Lugnut and make it the obvious one at that.

Art Blakey. Not only will you hear a great drummner but the guy's band was basically "grad school" for a generation or two of jazz players of all types.

Oh, I take it back..I'll mention Max Roach too.

I remain,
The list is long, but a couple that come to mind are Bill Bruford and Dave Weckel.
Elvin Jones' work with Coltrane is awesome. Max Roach's work with Sonny Rollins is as well.
To the drummers listed above,I'll add Billy Cobham,Jack DeJanette, Tony Williams,and Mel Lewis.
Jack DeHonette was actually blending with lots of bands and musicians including Pat Metheny, Terje Ripdal, Miroslav Vitous, Ornette Coleman and others...
The drummer that I've been always recognizing just in any band is Dennis Chambers that happened to play in lots of different jazz and funk projects.
Dave Weckl was spotted with Chick Corea and created a few of his own great albums that worth paying attention.
Difficult to ommit Ginger Baker a helluva jazz-prog-rock drummer born from the famous Creme and created his own number of bands such as Airforce, African Force...
Forgot to mention Phill Collins that used to drum in Brand-X funko-band. He used to be great but now he's all in pop-sh..t.
I have played drums for 18yrs trust me anything with DAVE WECKL in it will be perfect.Some examlpes are THE DAVE WECKL BAND any cd,CHICK COREA cd electric band,and MICHEL CAMILO cd rendezvous
Max Roach. Look for his recordings with Clifford Brown. He's also
on the great Mofi SACD "Sonny Rollins Plus Four." Art Blakey is also great. "A Night at Birdland" is a favorite.
Funny that this question came up, as I just happen to be listening to Jack DeJohnette, along with Keith Jarrett and Gary Peacock on "Keith Jarrett at the Blue Note". It's a wonderful live recording with excellent drumming by Jack. The cymbals on this recording are so incredible, so detailed and airy, and so varied that it amazes the ear every time I listen to it. Benchmark material for sure. Of course, you have to put up with the occasional outbursts from Keith, but that's cool with me.
I'd have to add Steve Smith, Vinny Colaiuta, Russ Miller, and Brian Blades.
Check the archives under favorite drummers, i think Buscis 2 is to blame for starting the thread.