Jazz Club..... Nice....

Bought my first Jazz album today Miles Davis Kind of Blue. Playing on my Rega through my tube amp.... Wow just Wow.....
Know what you mean. There's something about jazz, the instruments and the recordings, that really goes with analog and tubes.
Hi MC can you or anyone else recommend any jazz artists or albums I should keep a look out for? 

Cheers Dave
One of the greatest releases in any genre. An absolutely crucial addition to any musical collection. Enjoy! Enjoy!
My other two favorites are Sonny Rollins Saxophone Colossus and Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus. Realize however I am not that into jazz. These are what I would call more "approachable" jazz. Some of it is a pretty out there chaotic mess to the untrained ear. There is a style to jazz that for me is a bit of a learning curve. One I find myself enjoying more as the years go by, for whatever that is worth. 

Actually now that I think of it my favorite is Ellington Jazz Party.  

The all-time classic is Brubeck Time Out. Beautifully recorded, terrific musicianship, but (and I will catch flack for this no doubt) a bit of a gimmick. Literally. Time Out refers to each track being recorded in a different time signature. Makes for some interesting listening but the others I mentioned are a lot more engaging, for me anyway. Jazz Party is to my ears easily the most approachable or wide audience of all the ones I mentioned, yet still covers quite a range. The one I have is 3 LP's, one 33 and two 45. 

If you ever get to where you have a record you are really into and want to hear everything your system can do, https://better-records.com/search?q=ellington Crazy expensive but equally crazy high sound quality!
If you’re developing an interest in jazz here are a few you may find enjoyable.
1 Julian (Cannonball) Adderly, "Something Else" prominently featuring Miles on trumpet.
2 Miles Davis "Someday My Prince Will Come"
3 John Coltrane "Giant Steps" and "Blue Trane"
4 Gerry Mulligan "Night Lights"
5 Chet Baker "Chet"
6 Milt Jackson "Bags Meets Wes" (Wes , referring to jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery).
Tiny sample of some wonderful jazz. There are thousands more😅.

Hi  Dave,
What tube amplifier are you using? Just curious as I have 3 of them. Welcome to the world of jazz music😊.

Don’t forget Bill Evans, who played piano on Kind of Blue. He, and the rest of the cats on that disc, are amazing.
Since Dave is new to jazz and likes "Kind of Blue"  I included a couple of musicians from this recording. Cannonball Adderley on alto saxophone and John Coltrane who plays tenor saxaphone. 

Definitely there are many additional recordings that feature pianist Bill Evans and bassist Paul Chambers. 

With these iconic guys you could easily make a list 3 feet long full of excellent jazz ecordings of their playing.. 
Hi Charles thank you for your suggestions,  my tube amp is the Yaqin Ms 30 l I've only had it a month so new to tubes and jazz .

Cheers Dave
What, no Weather Report? Get the first eponymous LP "Weather Report"  and "I Sing The Body Electric". Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter were the anchors of this long-running group that stretched the boundaries of Jazz out into Space! You can follow those two LPs with the best-seller "Heavy Weather"! All on Columbia.
Plenty to discover and all great suggestions, mentioning the ones below just for variety,

The Dave Brubeck Quartet- Take five.
Herbie Hancock- Head Hunters.
Theories Monk- Straight no Chaser.
Ben Webster meets Oscars Peterson.
Yousef Lateef- Eastern sounds.
Cannonball Adderley- Autumn Leaves.
Esbjorn Svensson Trio (EST-) Tuesday Wonderland.


Hi Dave,
Congratulations on acquiring the Yaqin amplifier as they have earned a very solid reputation for reasonably priced tube amplifiers. Does your amp allow switching between Ultralinear and triode mode? If so do you have a preference?

I  believe that your appreciation for this amplifier will grow as you delve further into jazz recordings. Good tube amps just seem to get those instruments and voices sounding right! 😊.
"Plenty to discover" you wrote. 
Absolutely true!
I didn't want to overwhelm a new listener with a hugh list of good jazz recordings, which could easily be done. No doubt Dave will discover many as he becomes more familiar with the jazz genre. 
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I love this forum, a wealth of knowledge and great advice., yes Charles it can be switched between triode and ultralinear.  I'm still expirimenting  sounds great on either but I'm leaning towards triode with headphones and ultra through speakers..  Will definitely do some tube rolling any advice on tubes will be greatly appreciated  6j1s for the pre amp and el34 for the power tubes.

Cheers Dave
Hi Dave ,
Many owners of el 34 amplifiers seem to be quite enthusiastic about the Genalex Gold Lion KT 77. It is said to be a direct drop in replacement for the el34. Some seem to like JJ electronics and the Mullard re-issue el34.
I have used a 300b amplifier for a number of years. Back when I used my el34 amplifier I had the Svetlana Winged C and they were good sounding tubes.
Yes, they are very good sounding tubes. How I wish I had bought an extra set a few years ago when I replaced the output tubes in my Manley monoblocs! It’s that time again and sixteen matched 6L6GC’s are impossible to find. Singles, when one can find them go for about $100 each!

Very good Jazz recommendations, Charles.

To the OP: Probably no better record as an introduction to this great music. Besides simply being a great listen, the importance of KOB in the overall scheme of Jazz cannot be overstated. Like much of what Miles Davis did, one of those recordings that literally changed the direction of Jazz. The most important early use of a modal approach to harmony; and things would not be the same thereafter.

A couple more records to add to the great recommendations already offered:

Oliver Nelson/ “The Blues and the Abstract Truth”.
Charlie Parker/ “...with Strings”
Herbie Hancock/ “Maiden Voyage”
Charles Mingus/ “Ah Um”
John Coltrane/ “Blue Train”
Art Pepper/ “Meets the Rhythm Section”
Miles Davis/ “Seven Steps to Heaven”
Duke Ellington/ “...at Newport”

Hi guys thank you all for your input ,I have ordered some gold lion kt77s and some voskhod 6j1s so hopefully some improvements to the amp. As for the recommendations for music really like John Coltrane and the Charles mingus track goodbye pork pie hat  and chet I think its Baker or Barker sorry can't remember but any how enjoying finding and listening to these fantastic musicians ... 
Cheers Dave
Hi Dave,
I'm glad that you are enjoying the jazz genre,  timeless music performed by supremely gifted musicians.  Frogman made some wonderful recommendations.  Dave, you won't find a more knowledgeable jazz aficianodo on this forum than him.

I hope that the Gold Lion KT 77s work out well for you. They've achieved quite a word of mouth reputation, of course  different ears/amplifiers/audio systems are a factor in regard to preference. 
Dave ,
A few names you may or may not have come across. 
Good stereo recordings from the late 1950s-early 60s.

1 Dexter Gordon "Doing All Right" Blue Note.
2 Coleman Hawkins "The Hawk Relaxes"  Prestige.
Some West Coast Jazz flavor,
3 Hampton Hawes "For Real"  Contemporary 
4  Curtis Counce "You Get More Bounce With Curtis Counce" Contemporary. 
They're all either quartet or quintet groups.
Here are some to consider that demonstrate the range of great instrumental jazz:

Coltrane "Giant Steps" and "Ballads"
Keith Jarret "The Koln Concerts" (improvisational solo piano) and "The Melody at Night, With You" -- and lots of his classic trio recordings
Oscar Peterson "Night Train"
Arne Domnerus, "Jazz at the Pawnshop"
Bill Evans, "Sunday at the Village Vanguard"
Miles Davis, "'Round Midnight"
Al DiMeola, Paco deLucia, John McGlaughlin, "Friday Night in San Francisco"
Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden, "Under the Missouri Sky"

And so on, and so on, and so on...

Happy listening!


Nice score! an excellent album to begin your Jazz journey. Kind of Blue was released in 1959- the greatest year in Jazz history. Take the time to research this year (1959) specifically and you will be musically rewarded.

Happy Listening!
Jazz is a genre of enormous depth and breadth-- more than enough to explore for several life-times. You might want to do a bit of reading in order to get an idea of the stylistic trends involved. 

Also, I'd suggest you sign up for a free Spotify account as a rsik-free way to explore Jazz.