Jazz Club In Your Living Room

Check out this new virtual reality technology to bring jazz to you 360 degrees viewing.

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It all feels and — above all — sounds so real. But it’s not. You aren’t really in the club. You aren’t in New York. In fact, you never left your house. You’re sitting instead on your own couch, in the comfort of your own living room, watching the show on a virtual-reality headset.

Aren't in the club, never left your house, sitting on your couch... WTF is THAT? OWCH!!!
Doing everything with headset and glasses, Talking to your wife or attending classes on your own couch
nothing replaces the beer on tap.....for me...
I'm waiting (patiently) for an in-home Holodeck :-) That would be sweet!
Bring on the dancing girls.
Will my eyes burn? Will I have to wash the smoke out of my hair and clothes the next day?