jazz/blues piano players

I have recently been enjoying jazz/blues piano players and am looking for some new tunes. I have been listening to Chuck Level, Charles Brown, and Prof. Longhair. I enjoyed watching Joe Sample last night on "Live From Abbey Road" but don't have any of his music. I prefer artists who can really tickle the ivories vs. electronic "smooth jazz." Any suggestions?
Allen Toussaint is an obvious choice for Prof Longhair influenced N'Awlins piano flavor, although he'd mostly be filed under "pop" or "funk". His 2 disc Warner Brothers "Hits" collection is IMHO a "must have", and his new record "The Bright Mississippi" is a terrific set of traditional N.O. jazz/blues tunes. It is among the very best sounding small group recordings I've ever heard.

Dr John is another widely admired player you might want to consider. A less well known disciple of the good Professor is James Booker whose "Lost Paramount Tapes" is an overlooked gem. If you're looking for contemporaries of (or predecessors to) "Fess", Earl "Fatha" Hines is a more straight jazz choice from New Orleans, while Jellyroll Morton was the self proclaimed ragtime master. "Cow Cow" Davenport is, again, less well known, but a great early barrelhouse player. There are a LOT of great choices out there, but these discs seem to find their way into my rotation most often.

Good Hunting.

To name a few:

Thelonius Monk
Horace Silver
Herbie Hancock
Bud Powell
Bill Evans
Gonzalo Rubalcaba
Cedar Walton
Dave Brubeck
What about the ever so funny Fats Wallers, the highly sophisticated Lenny Tristano or Art Tatum and last not least one of the greatest whose music could swing like no other:
Oscar Peterson?
Try some boogie woogie

I can recommend Sue Palmer and Wendy DeWitt
Red Garland.

Jazz with strongly bloozy roots, I's say. Very nice work on on the Miles 5 "In" sessions, and also as a leader (see esp. "Groovy"). Perhaps unwisely, I prefer him to Peterson. Probably not in the same category as Evans -- who is? -- but Evans a very different player, who seems to me father from what you are looking for.

Blues/Jazz? Check out Gene Harris.
Get Dave Grusin Homage to Duke I promise you that you won't be disappointed. Count Basie Breakfast Dance and BBQ is also special.

These are a couple of way underrated pianists, IMHO.

Dave Grusin Mountain Dance and Count Basie
I know you don't like electric but you please endure this it is soooo amazing...listen carefully to the organ it is about as perfect as it gets.
I definitely second Gene Harris.
Johnnie Johnson, Pinetop Perkins.
Thanks for all the great recommendations. Looks like I have some shopping to do.
Hank Jones, last living of the three Jones brothers (Elvin and Thad). Great player even in his 90s.
Try Mitch Woods and His rocket 88's, "Solid Gold Cadillac". Great boogie woogie and blues. Features Ronnie Earl, Charlie Musselwhite, and Room Full of Blues Horns.
surprisingly Nina Simone - though her music is mostly vocals of course

also Mary Lou Williams
Janette Mason - if like a very technical pianist with blues/jazz and a funky twist. Janette makes it very clear that the Piano is a "percussion" instrument....
Moses Alison