jazz at the pawnshop - rhapsody

I just tried to listen to arne domnerus, jazz at the pawnshop, from my alumbs on rhapsody and got the message that "The artist or the record label choose to make their album unavailable, that is why you were not able to play it."

The same is occurring with the best tracks of other quality albums out there ...

The end of streaming as we knew it, or at least at a price that we have come used too?
Not, I think, the former, but perhaps the latter. I suppose it depends on what happens to the artists who pull tracks from streaming sites. I assume they do it because they think they will make more money from sales than from the royalties for streaming. If it turns out, instead, that folks start passing on their performances, then I suspect they will be back. But if they actually do experience better sales as a result of withdrawing tracks from streaming, then streaming services may have to alter their pricing structures. Free market at work, I guess.
Strange. Jazz at the pawnshop is now available on hi res downloads...or just try vinyl!