Jazz at the Pawnshop - LP

Can anyone tell me how to tell the difference between an 1976 original issue of Jazz at the Pawnshop and the 1992 re-issue?
It was also available in a premium edition originally , to the best of my memory. I was a dealer for Audio Source, who I believe imported them. Anyway I use to carry them.
Was the original Direct to Disc?
Original was not Direct to Disc. I believe the liner notes describe a modified Revox A77 used.
I have a copy that is "supposedly" an original. On the back of the album it says:

"Manufactured and Distributed by AudioSource"

It also says:

"Manufactured under license from Proprius Musik AB, Sweden. Prepared for release by Norman Olson and Jeffrey Weber. Half-speed mastering by Jack Hunt (JVC Cutting Center)"

The label on the LP is colored half orange and half white and all the liner notes are written in Swedish.

Would this be an original or a re-issue?
I have a two record album, red label proprius 7778-79. It says made in Sweden BIEM/ncb
I just got a current reissue of this for Christmas. Bloody good recording. I'm still not convinced this band swings though.
To Gdupont - what you have is the original issue "premium" version.

To Grimace - You're right - it is an excellent live recording of a slightly above average performance. More of a fun virtual reality experience than a great moment in music. That being said, there is some very good Scandinavian jazz out there.

And to Stanwal - I hope you kept one of every lp they distributed! A great catalog, whoever was behind Audiosource had a great ear. Whenever I see an LP with an Audiosource sticker on the back I buy it.
The original 1st pressing is the orange label with printing PROP 7778 on the dead wax, not handwriting.
This was one of the very first "Audiophile Recordings". Endless reissues were made, some good ones, some average ones.
But, do you know, there was made another one from this Session 1 day later?
"Good Vibes at the Pawnshop Jazz Club"
PROP 9588, red/white Label
I have the original issue "premium" version. Do you have any idea what this might be worth? Or where I can find out ?
I'm assuming you're referring to the Audiosource edition similar to Gdupont's above. That one generally goes for around $40 on Ebay if mint. The monotone orange label one that Tongnam mentioned is the more expensive - going for $70 or so.
Both of them can randomly sell for much more on Ebay, though, depending on how crazy two or more bidders are feeling. I've seen them both go for over $100 - but that's happening less now with the economy fading.
I just bought an unopened copy on ebay (solid red label, prop 7778-79 in handwriting on the cover, barcode 7392004777792).  It sounds fantastic.  The vibes and clarinet gave me chills.  This is my personal favorite jazz album but I didn't have a turntable until now.