Jazz at the Pawnshop

Can anyone out there tell me if the XRCD version of this great piece of music is worth the additional money. It is out there on many different versions of cd. ( reg. gold,HDCD, XRCD) All opinions are welcome.
I would wait for the SACD release of it, which is upcoming. If you have no interest in SACD, the XRCD version is incredible.
No contest, the regular one over the gold plated:BUT NOT ALL REGULAR ONE!only the sweden version .Same for Cantate Domino.
praudio: as far as i know, all the pressings, from the "original" vinyl to the fim xrcd2 version, use the same proprius master. no matter. IMHO, this audiophile warhorse needs to be put out to pasture and rested for a bit; perhaps there's a mare out there with which it might mate and bring to us the next generation of great swedish performances of american jazz. -kelly
Kelly,it's sure the master is the same,but quality of support is not(aluminum sheet"Alcan,Alcoa,Reynold",plastic"Dupont,Alcatel,Basf" and finally the pressing robot itself is certainly not exactly the same model and brand name all around the world since the first CD around 1983" For these reasons my 4 regulars (from 4 country) aluminum sound different and my sweden copy is the best and not by a nose.
praudio: yes, the pressings are all different. i don't have as many versions as you. i have the swedish lp's and cd's and the xrcd produced by fim. the vinly is clearly the most sonically satisfying to my my ears, followed by the xrcd (don't have hdcd- so i've never tried the fim version with that "enhancement"). -kelly
Do any of you also own the original or the reissue LP and how do they compare to the CD or XRCD? I like the CD but I am thinking to buy the reissue LP but not sure if they worth the extra bugs. I appreciate any input. Thanks.
Tinman, I own the original LP for both, Cantate Domino and Jazz @ the Pawnshop, and the latter in plain CD. The difference is very marked in favour of vinyl, ambience and timbres leading the show. Don't know how the HD or XRCD compare, though...
I have both the FIM XRCD and original vinyl. I'm with Cornfedboy and Gregm, the vinyl is clearly better to me. But the CD isn't going to leave you wanting so long as you don't listen to the vinyl. Its that ambience and timbres as Gregm notes above.
i have this on half-speed-mastered winyl. the sound quality is excellent. yes, cornfedboy, it still sees time on the platter chez-sedon. never heard any digital wersions, except at a store once...

doug s.

I thought this was a CD related question. I have no doubt that the vinyl version is better.