Jazz at the pawnshop

I recently picked up this cult classic and I really enjoyed it. And I like some jazz but this recording is great!
Are there anymore similar recordings out there I should be aware of ? I feel this is how I want my stereo to sound.

A lot of nice stuff on Maxjazz.com different categories and can sample online. Great attention to recordings....
There is also Jazz @ the pawnshop 2 also check out some of the offerings by Chesky
I have found Three Blind Mice recordings to be very well done. They are jazz, but they are not live recordings like Pawnshop.
Try Good Vibes at the Pawnshop Jazz Club. on Proprius Records PROP9558.
Apart from excellent playing and brilliant recording, this is a great record, all the harmonics from the Viberaphone are fantastic, though your speaker HF units may not agree with you.
A nice jazz sampler with great fidelity is the Concord SACD sampler if you have a SACD player.